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Trouble - Psalm 9 (9,5/10) - USA - 1984/2006

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Escapi Music
Playing time: 43:24
Band homepage: Trouble


  1. The Tempter
  2. Assassin
  3. Victim Of The Insane
  4. Revelation (Life Or Death)
  5. Bastards Will Pay
  6. The Fall Of Lucifer
  7. Endtime
  8. Psalm 9
  9. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Trouble - Psalm 9

You know, sometimes I walk down the street and think to myself "man, TROUBLE is awesome". Why do I do this? Well, because TROUBLE is awesome. This Chicago-based Doom ensemble is powerful enough that I've had to physically restrain myself from headbanging to their gourmet-quality riffs. And as if the guitars weren't enough, we get Eric Wagner's incredible vocal delivery. The man's a maniacal microphone wizard, and despite the fact that at times on this album he's laying down some pretty Christian lyrics, he conjures up an atmosphere of total, well, Doom.  It's a SABBATH/ZEPPELIN lovechild with a more modern edge, and that's a beautiful thing.


And you know, if it weren't for TROUBLE, Doom might look pretty different today. CANDLEMASS, REVEREND BIZARRE, and all of those big guys are totally influenced by these boys, so if you like them and don't know TROUBLE, pop in "Psalm 9" and you'll hear a definitive Doom Metal album. And in fact, you'll probably be surprised that this was released in 1984! It's aged quite well - not perfectly, as some parts do sound a bit dated - but by and large, the album has survived without sounding like a relic which should have stayed lost.


In addition to these awesome tunes, the "Psalm 9" re-release comes complete with expanded liner notes and, one of the big selling points, a DVD containing a live performance. Now, I haven't seen the DVD, but I can say this: you don't need extra selling points for an album like this. It simply sells itself. If you don't own this yet, you need to get out there and buy "Psalm 9" now...unless, of course, you don't care about things like, you know, self-respect.

(Online December 19, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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