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Ydin - Silvottuna Ja Häpäistynä (-/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 16:01
Band homepage: Ydin


  1. Inho >mp3
  2. Verivaltias
  3. Kylmä Ydin >mp3
  4. No. 1 (pt. 2)
  5. Ikuinen


Ydin - Silvottuna Ja Häpäistynä

YDIN, I guess that is the Finnish way of writing Odin (according to the band it means "core" - Alex). Or perhaps not, Ydin plays Death Metal, not Viking Metal. I would like to add the Vikings never played Metal, they crushed skulls with it.


I wouldn’t be amazed if YDIN ranked INCANTATION as one their influences. YDIN is not a blue print of the aforementioned band but there are some obvious links. All in all YDIN is an utter unoriginal band but that is, as stated a couple of times before, not always a drawback. In the case of YDIN, unoriginality isn’t a big issue. If they spend some time honing their song writing skills (or does that just depend on talent?) they could very well turn into a lethal force. At the moment there are a couple too many non interesting passages. Still, I would sign this band for a one record deal if I had been involved in such business. I would tell them to get a bit more pissed as well; there are a lot of things to be furious about.


The production is good, rather filthy but not overly so. It’s isn’t the heaviest, nor the fastest, Death Metal you’ll encounter but it’s definitively Death Metal. Sure, there are some Thrash and Black Metal influences here and there but in the end it is a Death Metal album. The vocalist has a rather weak Black Metal vocal by the way. He fares well in the death department. Over the years I’ve learned to like grim vocals sung in the Finnish tongue. SOTAJUMALA and AJATTARA are brilliant examples of bands utilizing their native language to the fullest. Finnish is quite grim when used right. I don’t think YDIN takes the full advantage of their native tongue, far from. Intense listening to the war gods in SOTAJUMALA prescribed.


YDIN consist of good musicians, capable of creating good music. “Kylmä Ydin” proves just that, I think this song is quite excellent. YDIN could very well turn into an excellent Death Metal, just promise not to mellow down your sounds guys, deal? Don't let go off the bite, filth and anger.


I recommend this demo.

(Online December 22, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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