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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - ARIA - Armageddon

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Aria - Armageddon (10/10) - Russia - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: CD-Maximum
Playing time: 59:54
Band homepage: Aria


  1. Posledniy Zakat
  2. Mechenyi Zlom
  3. Strazh Imperii
  4. Novyi Krestovyi Pohod
  5. Messiya
  6. Krov Koroley
  7. Viking
  8. Chuzhoy
  9. Svet Byloy Lyubvi
  10. Tvoy Den
Aria - Armageddon

ARIA is the biggest Metal/Rock band from the east. I don’t know exactly how much albums they’ve already released, but it must be at least 13. I lost the band after their rather mediocre album “Chimera” out of my sight in the year of 2001 and I thought the band had already reached its end…


Founded in the year of 1985, this band had its debut with “Мания величия" (Megalomania) and from then their tendency went up and ARIA established themselves as the most popular Metal band out of Russia. In Germany they are rather an insider tip, but they can rely on a small fanbase too. Even RAMMSTEIN were taken with their music that they covered their song “Shtil”. ARIA were called Russia’s IRON MAIDEN from time to time, as their influences are not to overhear in ARIA’s Songwriting. In the year 2002 most original members converted to the band KIPELOV, which is named after the founder and vocalist Valeri Kipelov. With their new (and again awesome) vocalist Artur Berkut are ARIA about to perform a truly masterpiece of melodic, classic Metal with “Armageddon”. Here is nearly everything top, the songs were performed very emotional and catchy and you can’t beat their perfect arrangements. The musicians prove once more not to stand behind concerning their technique in Russia.


Just what concerns the style, ARIA are still fixed in the 80es. Please don’t get me wrong, their production hits the nerve of time, but this album could have been recorded in the 80es, if you look over some modern guitar sounds. But the most important thing is still the songs: And here are the Russians about to make me speechless. One bullet comes after the other and despite of their Russian language is their catchiness factor enormous. Every single solo, every break, just every single note seems to be at the right place. I’ve rarely heard such a homogenous, (positive) catchy album. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to list all these titles; I’m glad to be able to translate these Cyrillic hieroglyphics (thanks to the Internet) into “our” script. Anyway, you can find anything from speedy killers to ballads, a 9-minute epic killer in a good MAIDEN manner and especially: Metal, Metal, and Metal until your ears bleed.


Melodic, honest and emotional catchier than 80% of all albums I had to review in the last few months. ARIA are still over the top and they just can offer top songs on a very good standard. Truly a very godlike album!

(Online December 28, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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