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Vigilia Septima - Drowning (7,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Cxxt Bxxthcer Records
Playing time: 37:19
Band homepage: Vigilia Septima


  1. The Sea
  2. Deliverance? (Part 33)
  3. These Silent Hours
  4. The Fallen Ones
  5. Euphoria/Downfall
  6. Out Of Memory
Vigilia Septima - Drowning

The beauty of loneliness, the poetry of mourning, total desperation or the fascination of death – all these things are rushing through my brain, when I’m listening to this band. Not even positive vibes, which are conjured up by VIGILIA SEPTIMA from Berlin. You could think of MY DYING BRIDE, NOVEMBRE or VIRGIN BLACK, who might be brothers of their spirit. Even if they’re playing everything else than Happy Metal, it gets some emotions out of me. These emotions are from a dismal origin.

Considered musically, they offer us a mixture between some heavy Doom-y riffs, some fragile acoustic guitars as well, slight touches of Dark Wave and a moaning violin. No music for the masses, someone would call this hard to digest. I think they’re playing their music with passion and total devotion and that’s the most important thing for me. Passion counts. I’ll leave the word “Gothic” away. It’s as dull and overstretched as “True Metal”. I’ve never heard such a touching, heart-rending mini-epos like “Deliverance?” since the good old FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM’s “Dawnrazor” times. Great! But also the rest of these pretty long songs own a lot of skill.

Fans of aforementioned bands should give VIGILIA SEPTIMA a try at Just their occasionally used growls are giving me some headache, as they sound too unprofessional for me. They should work on it. Or dismiss the grunts completely!

(Online December 29, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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