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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - STUCK MOJO - Snappin' Necks

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Stuck Mojo - Snappin' Necks (6,5/10) - USA - 1995/2006

Genre: Street Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 53:14
Band homepage: Stuck Mojo


  1. Not Promised Tomorrow
  2. Snappin’ Necks
  3. F.O.D.
  4. The Beginning Of The End
  5. Cake
  6. 2 Minutes Of Death
  7. Who’s The Devil
  8. Change My Ways
  9. Monkey Behind The Wheel
  10. Uncle Sam Sham
  11. Propaganda
  12. Love Has No Color (Demo Track)
  13. Hotlanta (Demo Track)
  14. Babylon (Demo Track)
  15. Propaganda (Live)
  16. F.O.D. (Live)
  17. Not Promised Tomorrow (Video)
Stuck Mojo - Snappin' Necks

What with Century Media being afflicted with reissue fever as of late it was inevitable that the label would issue reissues of the seminal Rap Metal act known as STUCK MOJO (who at one time were the label's biggest selling band…). So, here we have the debut album from STUCK MOJO 1995’s “Snappin’ Necks”. I never really liked this band very much, but I take them for what they are supposed to be and there is some enjoyment to be had with his disc.


For those who don’t know, STUCK MOJO formed in the early 90s and are generally regarded to be the pioneers of “true” Rap Metal, with their patented heavy (yet bouncy… unfortunately) riffing and vocalist Bonze’s Rap style delivery. You may hate this style but in all honesty you have to give these guys props for their efforts because they managed to combine two seemingly alien musical styles together and make it sound natural, energetic and most importantly honest. Sure, they sold loads of albums and found favor among the Nu-Metal boppers of the late 90s but they were always just that tad more Metal than all the other RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE clones.


Tracks like “Monkey Behind The Wheel” and F.O.D. are built for moshpit pain with their heavy grooves and rumbling bass lines, while the eerie bayou-esque acoustic interludes in “Propaganda” adds some depth to the proceedings. Oh yeah, those gang-shouts in “The Beginning Of The End” also work perfectly and I can see fans of both Hardcore and Metal go apeshit over this track! Obviously some tracks work better than others but for the most part this is a very consistent record and, crucially, the band seems to be enjoying themselves on here. This reissued and expanded version of the album comes with five bonus tracks (mainly consisting of demo tracks and live renditions) as well as modified artwork, new liner notes and a multimedia section. So overall CM did a good job with this album.


Even though I still deem the follow-up, “Pigwalk”, to be the band’s defining statement this is by no means a weak album. Some fans who drink excessively from the cup of prejudice will just shrug this off as ‘just another false metal’ album, but for those with an open mind this will be a great listen. If you like FAITH NO MORE, the Hardcore-isms of BIOHAZARD, the more punky undertones of the first IRON MAIDEN album and the crossover of BAD BRAINS then you should cop this!

(Online January 3, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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