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Fleshripper/Obliteration - Split (6,5/10 5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Suffer Productions
Playing time: 65:16
Band homepage: -



  1. Totally Tortured
  2. When Skin Turns White 
  3. Septic Cunt 
  4. Drown In My Own Pus 
  5. Cleanly Seperated Bodyparts
  6. Necromancer (Sepultura)
  7. Sick As(s) Fuck
  8. Hanged On A Meathook
  9. Fleshgrind  
  10. Dead Before Death 
  11. Deranged Massacre
  12. March Of Cannibals
  13. Hymn Of The Living Dead


  1. Intro
  2. Misanthrope
  3. Trial To Cook And Eat A Girl
  4. Bloodbath 
  5. Decapitated Body
  6. Innocent Bleeding
  7. Stripped To Die 
  8. Insane And Necrophile
  9. Mutilated Corpse
  10. Trial To Cook And Eat A Girl
  11. Bloodbath
  12. Mutilated Corpse
  13. Innocent Bleeding
Fleshripper - Split

I'm not sure how I generally feel about splits in the Brutal Death Metal genre. It seems to me that the majority of lesser known bands use this as a means of exposure, by putting their material alongside that of those who are better known. However, it is the better known of the bands who often let the splits down by putting second rate material or album left overs on it. Still, judge everything on its own merit and, if truth be told, this isn't a bad listen.

First up are FLESHRIPPER, who blast through a set of tracks that nods towards early CANNIBAL CORPSE and VOMITORY. The riffing is good, properly old-school and smothered in a thick, muddy crunch. The vocals are rather average, but the rest is worth your time if you like the abovementioned. Oh, and there's a very nice SEPULTURA cover too.

Veterans OBLITERATION have now called it a day, leaving this set of tracks to be little more than a retrospective look at their rather unproductive career. Two demos in 13 years, with all of the tracks from the first being re-recorded on the second, is hardly prolific. Still, similar to FLESHRIPPER there are leanings towards early CANNIBAL CORPSE, with hints of INCANTATION. The production is dry, with sharp drums and a very deep rumbling vocal that is much more impressive than those of the previous half of the split. However, ultimately the material here isn't as interesting, being basically an average rehash of a crowded style.

Overall this is not bad, with FLESHRIPPER showing some interesting dynamics and a grabbing structural maturity. So, attention all Brutal DM fans, this could be a band to watch out for.

(Online January 4, 2007)

Niall Kennedy

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