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Fractal Point - The Bizarre Machinery Of Universe (7,5/10) - Switzerland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Deadsun Records
Playing time: 39:52
Band homepage: Fractal Point


  1. 10-20 [s]
  2. At the Beginning
  3. Saturnian
  4. Chaos Unification
  5. Cosmic Fields
  6. Parallel Worlds
  7. Material Substance
  8. The Dimensional Experiment
  9. Dark Matter
  10. Celestial Corpse
Fractal Point - The Bizarre Machinery Of Universe

is one of those rather inconspicuous countries out there, which have a handful of excellent Metal bands, but other than that only rarely come out into the open. At first I had no idea that FRACTAL POINT actually were Swiss, but it did not take long for me to realize that they definitely fit into the category of this mentioned handful.


As cover artwork, album and song titles already hint at, the quintet of FRACTAL POINT is into space and this kind of imagery reminds a bit of legendary NOCTURNUS. So does the Swiss’ style follow suit? Well, there we get a mix of Melodic Death Metal, quite a big chunk of technicality and progressive influences, some DEATH hints and a pretty deep growl, which results in something that at the same time goes against my grain in terms of Death Metal tastes with the at times pretty generous use of blast beats and the guttural growls, but also hits a soft spot in me with the dynamics and melodies they compute, which makes it something I feel almost as repelled by as I feel attracted.


After a spacey intro “At The Beginning” (what a fitting title, eh?) kicks things into motion with a lot of power and technical prowess as well as the deeeep growls by Antoine, which normally do not appeal to my tastes, but here seem to fit in with the music, even though they are a too monotonous over the course of a full album. Especially the guitars work on dizzying speeds sometimes, despite all the technical intricacies, though, they always stay very melodic, which is one part of the appeal that FRACTAL POINT possess, because they have the potential to attract fans from the various camps of Death Metal fans, the ones who like it melodic, the ones who like it technical and the ones who can stomach a vocalist, whose voice could make walls crumble.


“Saturnian” and “Chaos Unification” roughly follow down a similarly furious, yet melodic path, before “Cosmic Fields” is an oasis of tranquility amidst the whirlwind of Death Metal, with acoustic guitars and a light lead guitar, very emotional, but it does not last long for “Parallel Worlds” unleashes another double-bass driven attack, which still gears down into slower passages to generate a highly interesting feeling of dynamics within the song, also because the Swiss incorporate an acoustic guitar into the fray, which gives it a very cool original touch.


It is clear that these guys know what they are doing and showcase a display of mastery both on their instruments as well in the song writing department that clearly shows that the band from Geneve has been around for a few years prior to this release. This is a very promising full-length debut for FRACTAL POINT, which, given the fact that it already had been released two years ago, makes me very curious as to how they have progressed in the mean time. In any way, of you like your Death Metal technical and melodic, check these guys out!

(Online November 18, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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