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Fuck Shit Up - Generation Of Defecation (3/10) - Russia - 2006

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Blacksmith
Playing time: 23:57
Band homepage: -


  1. Global Deformity
  2. Generation Of Defecation >mp3
  3. Self-Delusion
  4. Digitized Mind Blast
  5. People = Conceited Dust
  6. Gorged By Lie
  7. Fucked To Death >mp3
  8. Carnal
  9. Reality/Roots/Chaos
  10. Солнышко / Solnyshko
Fuck Shit Up - Generation Of Defecation

FUCK SHIT UP's debut release isn't the most innovative of releases, and it isn't the most interesting either. It is however an entertaining listen in places, if wholly generic. The riffs seem to pass you by, and the drumming suffers from the same fate. The vocals aren't that impressive and remind me of FOUR SEATS FROM INVALIDES too much, and are therefore, terrible.

After the wholly irrelevant intro, "Global Deformity", the first proper song starts and it's not awful, but it's not good either. A nice little drum solo at the start doesn't save this song from mediocrity. The riffs sound as if they have been nicked straight from a TERRORIZER demo, and to be honest this album could be the off-cuts from "Darker Days Ahead". The majority of the other just didn't catch my attention at all, "Self-Delusion" has a decent little guitar melody at the beginning, but it doesn't drag the song out of the mire. The vocals also are awfully grating, and really do get on my nerves after about 20 seconds. Had the riffs actually been any good, the vocals would have destroyed the songs anyway.Even a cover of VADER's "Carnal" doesn't add to the album. Even though I'm not a big VADER fan, the keyboards and riffs make this the best song on the album, mainly because FUCK SHIT UP didn't write it. 

I would tell any person thinking of buying this to reconsider, and think of the numerous other great grindcore releases of this year, not least the aforementioned "Darker Days Ahead" by TERRORIZER. "Generation Of Defecation" is just about listenable, if only once, and would be an incredibly bad waste of money.

(Online January 6, 2007)

Michael Slaughter

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