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Lividity - Used, Abused And Left For Dead (6/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Death Metal / Goregrind
Label: Morbid Records
Playing time: 35:19
Band homepage: Lividity


  1. Raped For Rent
  2. Gore Epitomite
  3. Seven19
  4. Deviant Pleasure >mp3
  5. The Cumming Of The Trilogy (Pussy Lover pt.3)
  6. Exhibition Of Carnage
  7. Used, Abused And Left For Dead
  8. Hero Of Dementia
  9. No Time For Lube >mp3
  10. Stench Of Virginity (Sonic Version)
  11. The Urge To Splurge
  12. Bound In Skin >mp3
  13. Phallic Beat Down
Lividity - Used, Abused And Left For Dead

Brutal bands from the US isnít something entirely new, itís almost as common as one of their meaningful and uplifting wars. From the sound of it, I guess the members of LIVIDITY have paid Ogrish some visits. Maybe they have seen one of their own soldiers sniped into oblivion on those very pages? What I take for granted is that they like porn & gore flicks.


LIVIDITY sounds sick, furious, and menacing.


All good qualities for a band of this calibre but they arenít capable of capitalizing fully on them just yet. Itís about time they did though, as the band was formed 13 years ago. Still, LIVIDITY is a quality band in a rather shitty genre, the Gore Metal genre that is. The biggest hair in the food, are the kick drums. They sound artificial and tinny, played well, but a bit of a nagger due to the sound. The whole production couldíve been taken better care of but the kick drums are without doubt the biggest flaw of this album. They havenít made a classic, but theyíve made a record containing a healthy load of good songs. The intensity and fury is admirable, thereís real determination at display here. Unfortunately the album takes a turn for the worse after ďHero Of DementiaĒ. It sounds like they have gone out of ideas, and the will to execute them properly. I know that there is a very slim chance for the songs to have been made in the same order as the track list, but I do believe that they deliberately put the weaker songs at the end.


That which impresses me the most, are the vocals. They are utterly guttural, but not the processed crap that many of their peers flex. Effects has been used, but with taste. A sick taste perhaps, but at least it doesnít sound idiotic and frog like. Iíd also like to hand out kudos to LIVIDITY for having one of the most hilarious and funny samples Iíve heard for quite a while. Itís a conversation between, I assume two black guys, about chickens. One is the counter, and the other is the costumer. The customer wants to by himself some chickens, and asks the clerk if he have some nice ones for sale. They babble a bit, and after a while the salesman tells the customer about a great way to fuck a chicken. Sick stuff.


If you are in for some sick, dirty, and mean Death Metal, you should check the mp3 links already.

(Online December 24, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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