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Extrema - Set The World On Fire (2/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Thrashcore
Label: Remedy Records
Playing time: 49:59
Band homepage: Extrema


  1. In Gods Mercy
  2. New World Disorder
  3. Second Coming
  4. Nature
  5. Restless Soul
  6. Malice And Dynamite
  7. Six, Six, Six Is Like Sex, Sex, Sex
  8. Stupid White Man
  9. Set The World On Fire
  10. Free Again
  11. The Will To Live
  12. Don’t Leave Me Alone
  13. Carol
  14. Ace Of Spades
Extrema - Set The World On Fire

There are things on this earth that I do not understand. It is beyond me why German director Dr. Uwe Boll gets money to make crappy movies like “House Of The Dead”, “Alone In The Dark” and “Blood Rayne” again and again, for example. I am protracting once again, but the same thing exists in music business, too. If people did not spend money on some casting band or support completely bad bands and albums, maybe the kiddies would not be as dumb as they unfortunately are for the most part. Where is the logic behind that? Crappy bands and albums are put into the stores every day, but the excellent bands of real fans that have Heavy Metal in their hearts do not escape the underground because they are “not modern and trendy” enough to be interesting for labels. Fuck that!


Why do I tell you this, you want to know? The answer is quite simple: Why do Italy’s EXTREMA get a deal with Remedy Records, who let them release an album as unemotional as “Set The World On Fire” (similarities to the ’93 ANNIHILATOR effort are purely coincidental!), while there are so many jewels waiting to be discovered in this world!? According to their bio, EXTREMA were formed in 1986, which I can hardly believe, since there is no discography giving testament to this on their website and I have never heard of this act either. And you at least would have read about a band that has shared the stage with METALLICA, KORN and SLAYER! EXTREMA probably were among those bands that used to play traditional Metal, though, and now that they play trendy Thrashcore for little children, the record labels take note of them and sign them. That’s so unfair!


Some will certainly think that I am unfair and should talk about the band’s music instead of the things that have been so fucked up in music business or in the world for years! You are certainly right, but I am so annoyed by how stupid our society is. I do not even want to start talking about the “Videogames are so evil” debate that has been going on for years in Germany because the politicians talk shit about things they know nothing about, for in the end, this is a CD review which I should begin by now. However, I have been thinking about the topics mentioned for quite some time and EXTREMA’s effort was the trigger for me to annoy you with my views. I hope that you will forgive me!


The band info says that G. L. Perotti (v) sounds like a mix between James Hetfield, Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN) and Lemmy! I cannot understand this at all. Ok, if you limit Hetfield to his post-“Load” work, yes, but Lemmy? I am not able to hear Lemmy here! Except on the well-played cover of “Ace Of Spades”. Otherwise, he sounds like all the other unemotional vocalists of all those Core bands. It is simply cruel to have to listen to this. Which brings us back to the “unfair” topic. I’m sorry, but I cannot rate this music from an objective perspective, I cannot stay neutral, I am not tolerant enough to do that. I am an opponent of those modern styles and I do not try to conceal it. With the ballad “Free Again”, there is a glimpse of light on the horizon and even some emotions for a change!

(Online December 23, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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