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Tornado - Triumph Of The King (8,5/10) - Serbia - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Angular
Playing time: 56:08
Band homepage: Tornado


  1. Coming Of The King
  2. We Must Revenge
  3. Fight To Win
  4. Black Swan Rider
  5. The Wall
  6. I Love Japan
  7. Alone In The Dark (Midnight Prayer)
  8. Whisper Of The Past
  9. Heavy Metal Symphony (Eternal Mystery + Epitaph)
  10. Triumph Of The King
Tornado - Triumph Of The King
Power Metal from Yugoslavia, not your every-day experience! TORNADOis the band from Novi Sad, which I, like a few others before, had first found on and who now has released its debut "Triumph Of The King" via Angular Records (eh, still pursuing your policy of categorically refusing co-operations with webzines?).

Three gentlemen share the vocal duty, the regular fronter Philip Zmaher, on one song Lyubo Maryanovich, and three more with Zoran Shandorov, but one thing they have in common, they all are damn good singers! But anyway…

Musically they do not present us the usual Happy Metal, but rather a mix of traditional Power Metal with a few slightly progressive influences, a symphonic element and a few acoustic interludes, all of them very catchy, but never shallow, with very gripping melodies, which you can't get out of your head anymore after the first listen already.

The opener "Coming Of The King", with a brilliant Lyubo Maryanovich, presents us a super-catchy piece of heavy, fast melodic Power Metal that starts out the album in great manner! Further highlights are the almost equally great "Fight To Win", which convinces by its grandiose melody, the fast "Black Swan Rider" and the equally fast "I Love Japan". Absolutely remarkable also is the "Heavy Metal Symphony", a 19+ minute instrumental, which for me personally is too long, very varied, but it loses momentum in the course of time.

Altogether a very good debut, which makes it clear that the band is together for a few years now and has lots of experience, so don't let the label "Power Metal" deter you, "Triumph Of The King" is absolutely worth it! (Online August 3, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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