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Lacerated Entrails - Demo '06 (6/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Goregrind
Label: Red Records
Playing time: 9:30
Band homepage: Lacerated Entrails


  1. Unmercifully Executed
  2. Disembowelment Of Cadavers
  3. Fucked So Hard You Bleed Out Of Every Orifice
  4. Vengeance Through Decapitation
  5. Screaming Dismemberment
Lacerated Entrails - Demo '06

This is a pretty straightforward demo, so I’ll keep the review appropriately brief. LACERATED ENTRAILS (wonderful name, isn’t it?) play slow, chugging Goregrind in the vein of genre masters THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING, COCK AND BALL TORTURE, and ROMPEPROP.  


Considering this is only a demo, this is actually pretty good. The production is shitty, as you would expect, but there is certainly a bit of heft to it. Turn the volume up however, and you’re left with crappy distorted noise. Most of the chugging riffs actually make you want to headbang, the deep guttural vocals sound appropriately sick, and the drumming accompanies the music adequately. These guys also throw in a mini Jazzy solo in “Unmercifully Executed” that sounds pretty cool.


If your copy of “Hellcock’s Pornflakes” has seen better days, and your order of “Invention: Destruction” is still on its way from No Escape Records, then LACERATED ENTRAILS’ “Demo ‘06”  may fill the void for a little while.  

(Online December 30, 2006)

Lachlan McKellar

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