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Sardonic - Symptomaniac (7/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Musicaz Records
Playing time: 45:42
Band homepage: Sardonic


  1. Fall Of Man
  2. Terrorhead
  3. To The Bone
  4. Vastness Of Aeons
  5. Prologue In The Sea
  6. Surviving The Abortion
  7. Dimension x.2
  8. Stalking The Dead
  9. Waves Of Blood
  10. Carvin In Ecstasy
Sardonic - Symptomaniac

Since SARDONIC convinced me with their self-produced album "Say 10" in 2004, I'm glad to see that the band found a label in 2006 and they are now able to release their new effort "Symptomaniac". SARDONIC played a nice mixture of Death and Thrash Metal on their debut but on their new album, Death Metal takes over.

The guys from Osnabrück play their music altogether a bit slower, almost in a sludgy fashion on "Symptomaniac" compared with the previous record. Unfortunately, the first three songs aren't convincing because they are unremarkable. "Vastness Of Aeons", "Prologue In The Sea" and "Surviving The Abortion" are then three joyful and catchy songs. The same goes for "Dimension x.2". This song also contains some Thrash Metal parts as well as a slight Black Metal feeling. This is my favourite song on this album because of its diversity. Then follow some more unremarkabkle tracks until SARDONIC end it nicely with the melodic "Carvin In Ecstasy". I should also mention that this is not the only melodic song; the heaviness of the band is not totally overwhelming.

It's obvious that "Symptomaniac" is an album with some highs and lows. I think that the band hasn't found its style yet. On one hand, they have some really decent songs to offer, on the other hand, there are some unremarkable tracks and furthermore, there is a sound with room for improvement in my opinion. Nethertheless, fans of VADER & Co. do nothing wrong with checking SARDONIC. If this German band find its way, they will deliver a more persuasive record next time.

Check out tips: "Dimension x.2", "Carvin In Ecstasy".

(Online January 4, 2007)

Patrick Weiler

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