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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - NECRODEMON - Ice Fields Of Hyperion

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Necrodemon - Ice Fields Of Hyperion (7,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Extreme Metal
Label: Open Grave Records
Playing time: 52:05
Band homepage: Necrodemon


  1. The Abominable
  2. Terror In The Arctic
  3. Funeral In The Snow
  4. The Deep Freeze
  5. Avalanche!
  6. Frozen Sorceror – Chant Of Making V
  7. Mesopotamia – Warriors Of Ice
  8. Empire Of Winter
  9. Benumbed Suffering
  10. So Cold, So Evil
  11. Hordes Of Hyperion
Necrodemon - Ice Fields Of Hyperion

I had not seen any serious band (so IMPALED NORTHERN MOONFROST and CONCEIVED IN SATAN don’t count) as devoted to the concepts of cold and winter as IMMORTAL until I took a look at the tracklist for NECRODEMON’s new album. I mean damn, you can practically see your breath just reading that. Even the seemingly unrelated track (“The Abominable”) is actually about the abominable snowman, so that’s not safe. And Hyperion? The cold, cold moon of Jupiter. So is it any surprise then that NECRODEMON at time sounds like IMMORTAL and I?


Since this is their first appearance on "The Metal Observer", here’s a bit of biographical information. They were formed in 1998 out of the remains of LORD WERRES and since then have released three full-lengths (including this one), three EP/singles, one DVD, and one VHS of live performances. Currently, they’re a three-man band with plenty of ex-members. These Indianans mix all flavours of Extreme Metal into their songs, excepting Grind, creating a variable and interesting style belied by their horribly generic name. It’s always evil, always frosty, though I don’t think I’d say it’s grim. Too much Thrash and too clean a production.


A good comparison might be what would happen if IMMORTAL and SLAYER got stuck in a blender to give you an idea of their sound. At times they’re creating momentous mountains of madness, at others they’re at our throat showing no mercy. Vocalist Rob Elliott runs the styles capably from guttural Death growl to Black shriek to a high-pitched, unfortunately annoying voice that sounds like the bastard child of Tom Araya and Gene Adam (the first ICED EARTH vocalist) that he usually lends to the Thrashier parts of the album. In part because of these vox, said Thrashier parts are the weaker areas of the album and I would have given them a better score were it not from these sections. But when they get their shit together and play some epic Black Metal, NECRODEMON crank out some good material.


Extreme and Thrash fans really should check out this album. I never would have thought the group capable of producing music from the name alone, but they proved me wrong. A pleasant Extreme surprise.

(Online January 2, 2007)

Keith Stevens

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