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Wave - Preventor (3/10) - Czech Republic - 2006

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 76:32
Band homepage: Wave


  1. World News Today I
  2. Tribal Dance >mp3
  3. At The Disco
  4. Untie The Speech II
  5. In >mp3
  6. Breathless
  7. Looks Like Blood
  8. No Words (Don’t Intro)
  9. Don’t
  10. Preventor II
  11. Going Home (Stand Still Intro)
  12. Stand Still
  13. Cry A Lie >mp3
  14. Fairy Tale
  15. Out Of Here
  16. Living Torch
  17. The Day
  18. Preventor III
  19. Preventor IV
  20. World News Today II
Wave - Preventor

The debut album from Czech Prog Rockers WAVE features over an hour and fifteen minutes of playing time, quite an impressive feat for any band’s first album. Yet, what happens when a great deal of those seventy-five minutes is spent weaving an elaborate story that just doesn’t stick? The result is a very poor and entirely forgettable album.


The main problem of “Preventor” is that it’s simply too damn weird for its own good. From the boring dialogue between random personae to the annoying, under-produced synths that permeate the album, “Preventor” is a very grating listen. I can appreciate the fact that WAVE want to make a statement and would like to express it through a “deep” and complex story, but the execution isn’t as satisfying as one might hope.


When we’re finally treated to a song, it’s usually decent enough to listen to all the way through once, but you will never feel compelled to give that song another listen ever again. The songs on “Preventor” are passable, yet unmemorable, and that’s why “Preventor” is a below-average album.


If I absolutely had to pick a bright spot on the album, it would have to be the vocals of frontman Tomás Sindelár. He’s got great range, and his vocal style is very versatile, as befits the progressive nature of WAVE. I’d love to hear him do something less convoluted and more in the vein of straightforward Melodic music. However, aside from the vocals, “Preventor” is a mess. In short, this album misses the mark on many levels and is simply not engaging. Pass!

(Online January 8, 2007)

Mitchel Betsch

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