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Nortt - Ligfaerd (9/10) - Denmark - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal / Black Metal
Label: Total Holocaust Records
Playing time: 45:23
Band homepage: Nortt


  1. Gudsforladt
  2. Ligprædike
  3. Vanhellig >mp3
  4. Tilforn Tid
  5. Dødsrune
  6. Ligfaerd
Nortt - Ligfaerd

Before reading this review, I recommend you to take a look to the cover art, and feel the sensations it produces in you. A ghostly being wandering within a graveyard, surrounded by a gloomy darkness and emanating a quiet, cold light. Only tunes of black and greys fulfill the image, giving us a totally depressive picture. It's known that the idea of errant souls is a very hopeless psychological construction, representing the imaginary of no rest after death, a thought that can be dreadful for tormented doomster minds.


And well, I have to say that "Ligfaerd", the second full-length by NORTT, is just among the darkest albums ever released by mankind. If this one man band from Denmark already shown to be able to release terrifying Funeral Doom earlier (peaking with the outstanding demo "Graven", if you ask me), "Ligfaerd" is just beyond the frontiers of coldness known by music. I strongly disagree with those who write about this album as highly depressive, as depression is an emotion and believe me that "Ligfaerd" is a totally emotionless release. This is just an ultra slow disc, with heavy riffs that sound like the walk of a mammoth, and a totally raw growling that doesn't deliver any kind of passion, but a freezing, ugly and rusted noise of total death.


An important difference kept by "Ligfaerd" with the rest of NORTT's material, is the inclusion of lots of ambient. Long parts of the album are just quiet crawling music... that sound turns really heavy from time to time, and it's really scary when you're listening to a slow subtle noise and suddenly some crushing immense strings fall pouring upon your shoulders, to let the calm creep back moments later. The intensity breaks are made with mastery to create a horrorful atmosphere, and make it perfect to listen to with a pair of powerful headphones out on the night... a must for fans of UNTIL DEATH OVETAKES ME, WORSHIP and the masters SKEPTICISM.

(Online December 23, 2006)

Daniel Barros

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