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Divercia - Modus Operandi (8/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 52:15
Band homepage: Divercia


  1. Lead In
  2. Transylvanian (Love)
  3. Everlasting
  4. The Heart Of Atlantis
  5. As Mist Descends
  6. Modus Operandi
  7. To Forgive
  8. Hollowed
  9. Eighthundred And Seventynine
  10. Vaya Con Diablos
  11. Planeteer
Divercia - Modus Operandi
Only a few seconds are necessary to realise that DIVERCIA is a Finnish band. Everything, and I insist on that, smells like Finland here, from the excellent sound of the Finnvox Studios, to the guitars, the melancholic voice of Jyri Aarniva, the melodic keyboards, and the overall atmosphere of the songs.

The Finnish trend in Metal being right now quite 'love' oriented, with such bands as HIM, THE 69 EYES or even SENTENCED, it won't be a big surprise for you to hear that DIVERCIA is a bit in the same category, and plays then very melancholic songs, that will remain in your head, and make the ladies fall. Still, DIVERCIA ads some less cheesy parts to its Gothic Metal: on such a track as "Transylvanian (Love)", you can reach a certain DIMMU BORGIR, and some elements on "Everlasting" will definitely make you think of NIGHTWISH.

But the quality is there anyway, which makes of "Modus Operandi" a perfect album for 'love' gothic freaks in search of some violence. Of course, the same way of thinking is ok with evil Black Metallers who lack affection… or who love that style, but by principle wouldn't go buy some HIM. (Online August 4, 2002)

Thomas Bonnicel

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