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Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens (9,5/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 54:02
Band homepage: Sirenia


  1. Meridian
  2. Sister Nightfall
  3. On The Wane
  4. In A Manica
  5. At Sixes And Sevens
  6. Lethargica
  7. Manic Aeon
  8. A Shadow Of Your Own Self
  9. In Sumerian Haze
Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens
After his split from TRISTANIA something had missing on their last album "World Of Glass". Now with SIRENIA I for one finally know what it had been and secondly I get it again - the symphony and atmosphere that had been the brilliance of their masterpiece "Beyond The Veil".

Morten Veland more than impressively is back, all elements that I had loved on "Beyond The Veil" can be found here, the varied vocals, the choirs, the atmosphere, the heaviness, partly even with a violin… Gothic Metal at its best! Basically SIRENIA is Veland's solo-project, because he has done the album all by himself, just supported by two singers, a female singer, a violinist and a choir, respect!

Covered with a Napalm-typical artwork, in the very nice (limited) Metal-box we get nine songs, which all can convince by one thing mostly: quality! Of course Gothic Metal is not exactly the most innovative genre, but SIRENIA present us with greatly arranged tracks, which find an almost perfect path between atmosphere and heaviness, kitsch and demand, "Meridian" or the outstanding title-track shall be mentioned as only two check-out-tips.

Who loved "Beyond The Veil" will love "At Sixes And Sevens" almost just as much (only Vibeke's voice is missing). Basically this is the album that TRISTANIA would have had to release instead of "World Of Glass"! (Online August 5, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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