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Ablaze In Hatred - Deceptive Awareness (8/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Firebox Records
Playing time: 51:29
Band homepage: Ablaze In Hatred


  1. Lost (The Overture)
  2. When The Blackened Candles Shine >mp3
  3. Howls Unknown
  4. Constant Stillness
  5. Ongoing Fall
  6. To Breathe And To Suffocate >mp3
  7. Closure Of Life
Ablaze In Hatred - Deceptive Awareness

It seems as if the world is getting sadder of late, if you go with the sheer amount of Doom releases of late. There are two main addresses for this style at the moment, Finnish Firebox and Russian Solitude Productions and ABLAZE IN HATRED hail from Finnish Turku and subsequently are under contract with Firebox Records.


Now with a name like that you would expect something truly brutal, be it Death or Black Metal, but instead this quintet is immersing itself somewhere between regular Doom and Funeral Doom Metal, so delivering the darkest and most sombre music you could imagine. The atmosphere ABLAZE IN HATRED conjure up is one of utter greyness and melancholy and will drag your mood down, no matter how happy you had been before.


Even though “Lost (The Overture)” is technically the intro, it still clocks in at over five minutes, and is an intense and atmospheric opening for this album, still holding up a very distinct Funeral Doom mood that breaks the ground for what is to follow in “When The Blackened Candles Shine”, which can be characterized by four simple words: sloooooow (meaning the music), deep (meaning the vocals), melodic (the music again) and good. Doom and especially the Funeral Doom variant are usually deemed very narrow in spectrum, but once you see beyond the sheer speed (or lack of) a track like the just mentioned or “Howls Unknown” display many different shades of Doominess, here with more melody, there with dark atmosphere and even changing up the tempo of the bass drums up to double-bass (don’t get me wrong, the overall tempo still is slow), giving us a great display of the variety at hand here.


Doom indeed is one of the most featured styles in my mp3 player right now and ABLAZE IN HATRED are one hell of a hopeful newcomer that I can only wholeheartedly recommend to all fans of the slow and they soon could grow into one of the country’s premier acts of the doom and gloom!

(Online December 14, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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