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Deathbound - To Cure The Sane With Insanity (2/10) - Finland - 2003/2006

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Playing time: 37:24
Band homepage: Deathbound


  1. On Mans Hell Is Another Mans Heaven
  2. Without Pain
  3. Whitecoatparanoia
  4. As Reluctance Grows >mp3
  5. Treacherous Breed
  6. Silent City Deathcount >mp3
  7. Consumed
  8. The House Of The Silent And Friendly
  9. The Flesh Is The Cage
  10. Gasmask (live)
  11. For The Rats (live) >mp3
  12. Doomsday Comfort (live)
  13. On Mans Hell is Another Mans Heaven (live)
Deathbound - To Cure The Sane With Insanity

This band was formed in 1995, and this CD was originally released in 2003. You would think that during their 8 years of existence DEATHBOUND would have learned how to write decent music. I could have forgiven a band full of rookies for the atrocity that is “To Cure The Sane With Insanity”, but this band boasts members from ROTTEN SOUND, ...AND OCEANS and THE DUSKFALL, as well as having been around since 1995.


I’m puzzled as to how DEATHBOUND manage to make their half-hearted brand of Death/Grind so damn uninteresting. Lacklustre semi-growled vocals, the most monotonous ‘permanently blasting’ drums I have ever heard, equally boring riffs, songs with absolutely no identity, mediocre production...well, maybe it isn’t such a mystery as to why these guys are so bad.


DEATHBOUND manage to crank out two brief yet nicely grooving riffs on “Without Pain” and “Silent City Deathcount”, which leaves this album with approximately 52 seconds of good music and 2192 seconds of utter crap. Percentage-wise that equates to about 2.37% of this album not sucking, which means I’m well within my rights to hand “TCTSWI” a 0.02 out of 10. However, I’m not that cruel, so I will give these guys 2 out of 10 instead, and end this review by saying that this album was probably terrible in 2003, and it is definitely terrible now.

(Online January 19, 2007)

Lachlan McKellar

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