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Cemetary 1213 - The Beast Divine (8/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 40:05
Band homepage: Cemetary 1213


  1. The Lighting/Firewire
  2. Union Of The Rats
  3. Silicon Karma (It Just Can't Stay The Same)
  4. AntiChrist 3000
  5. The Carrier
  6. Linking Shadows
  7. Sunset Grace (let-me-die-alone)
  8. Dead Boy Wonder
  9. Empire Of The Divine
  10. Anthem Apocalypse
Cemetary 1213 - The Beast Divine
So here he is again, under (nearly) the old banner, Mathias Lodmalm. He had been a musical chameleon for all of his career and he just lives up to his reputation with "The Beast Divine".

The opening "The Lighing/Firewire" alone blows you off your chair, sofa (or whatever you are sitting on), as you would never have imagined after the two SUNDOWN-albums. Brutal guitars thunder out of your speakers, but mellowed by enchanting melodies, which newly define the genre of Gothic Thrash (if it doesn't yet exist)!

But also on the following tracks, cold atmosphere antagonises with melodies, calmer passages with heavy guitars.

Even though Lodmalm has made a step back into the Gothic Metal of CEMETARY, he still managed to move forward, because he combined his old weapons with the new ones, creating a soundtrack of the different kind.

Alexander Melzer

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