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Stormwitch - Dance With The Witches (8/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Silverdust Records
Playing time: 54:20
Band homepage: Stormwitch


  1. Man Of Miracles
  2. Dance With The Witches
  3. Jeanne D'Arc
  4. Knights Of Light
  5. The Devil's Bride
  6. Nothing More
  7. The House Of Usher
  8. The King Of Terrors
  9. Proud And Honest
  10. My World
  11. The Altar Of Love
  12. Together
Stormwitch - Dance With The Witches
Now is that true? The Gerstetten-witches have a new album? And what do we get? Nu-Metal or worst poser-stuff? No, not in the least, it's what the name of STORMWITCH had been standing for ever since. They have their Gothic/Romantic-lyrics in their pack again, at least that is the impression that I get, when I look at the song-titles.

Also musically they take a step back in time. While I regard the opener as totally wrongly picked, because it leads you onto the wrong trail, but the second song, the title-track "Dance With The Witches", is almost typical and damn catchy! Next up is "Jeanne D'Arc", a typical song for STORMWITCH, which has this certain magic. They put a lot of emphasis in variety. If speedy ("Knights Of Light"), rather folky ("The Devil's Bride") or really nicely kitschy ("The House Of Usher"), they have not lost a step. Even though a few thongs are rather mediocre ("Proud And Honest"). My personal favourite is the epic "The Altar Of Love", which almost reaches classics like "Russia's On Fire" or "Jonathan's Diary".

All in all a quite good comeback-album, if no highflyer. But nobody would have expected that, would you? Welcome back, guys! Looking forward to gigs! (Online August 6, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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