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No-Mads, The - Deranged (-/10) - Poland - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Shark Records
Playing time: 39:51
Band homepage: No-Mads, The


  1. The Day After >mp3
  2. Violence Riddled
  3. Thrash Alkoholisation
  4. Insane
  5. False Queens Of Metal (Extermination)
  6. The Caprice
  7. Mercyful Hate
  8. Keine Eintracht
  9. I Am Your God Part I
  10. I Am Your God Part II
  11. The Return (To The Metal World)
No-Mads, The - Deranged

What kind of strange strategy is this, putting only 5 out of the 11 songs on the album on the promo CD? Who came up with this idea? The label? The band? Who? How am I supposed to write a decent review complete with a rating if I don’t know 50% of the album. To me this is more of a preview than a review. That’s why I won’t give “Deranged” any rating, after all it would not refer to the complete album.


Whatever, things are somewhat different with the Polish five-piece THE NO-MADS, so I only have the tunes “The Day After” (best song of 2005 in the Polish Metal Hammer!), “I Am Your God Part I”, “I Am Your God Part II”, “Thrash Alkoholisation” and “Mercyful Hate” in the form of the “Deranged” promo. Female vocalist Sylwia Papierska, the only one of her kind in Poland, makes the band seem like the Polish answer to ARCH ENEMY and HOLY MOSES. And she does sound somewhat similar to ARCH ENEMY front-woman Angela Gossow. However, I cannot say how similar the music of the three outfits is, since I have never really listened to ARCH ENEMY or HOLY MOSES.


It’s too bad that I don’t have the lyrics, as I am not sure if they are always singing in English here. “I Am Your God Part II” sounds kind of strange (might be Polish) and I am pretty sure that “Thrash Alkoholisation” is sung in German – with a thick accent, though! With “I Am our God Part I” I am not even sure if the blond alcohol lady is screaming into the mic. Whoever is singing that song, it sounds much like Tito Larriva (TITO & TARANTULA).


My personal favourites on the „Deranged“ promo - it’s THE NO-MADS’ second album, by the way - are the two Thrash crackers “The Day After” and “Mercyful Hate”. As I mentioned above, this album won’t get any rating. Previews usually end with an assessment of how the finished album could sound. And that’s exactly what I am going to do, because I don’t know 6 out of the 11 songs. If they keep on heading into the traditional direction of Thrash Metal, “deranged” could turn out to be a true insider’s tip. If they focus on shenanigans like “I Am Your God Part I” or “Thrash Alkoholisation”, THE NO-MADS might as well stay where they are.

(Online January 24, 2007)

Chris Kraemer

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