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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - PROFUNDI - The Omega Rising

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Profundi - The Omega Rising (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Profound Lore Records
Playing time: 39:47
Band homepage: Profundi


  1. ...Of Flesh & Blood
  2. Unanimation
  3. Split-Tounged
  4. The Omega Rising
  5. Coffinborn
  6. Silent Hosts Of Decay
  7. Engulfed In Hellfire
  8. Lifeless, Cold & Crimson
  9. Out Of The Evening Mist
Profundi - The Omega Rising

It was close. I was very close to reviewing this album after only a few listens through. I thought I’d heard all that this album could offer me very early on, but I decided to give it another chance just to be sure. And lo and behold it has grown on me – stylistically it sounds like a slightly tamer BEHEMOTH, maybe a bit more melodic and less heavy, but then again BEHEMOTH are a hard act to match in terms of brutality!


Some of the riffing even reminds me a little of the more recent NAGLFAR material, but only occasionally – the epic guitar work in “Split-Tongued” for example, serves as one such reminder. And as I’ve recently discovered this is no coincidence, for PROFUNDI is the solo project of Jens Rydén, former singer of said band. As fans of Deathened Black Metal or Blackened Death Metal (whatever you may call it) may be shying away at such information I must point out that whatever comparisons I make this is still fast, heavy and punishing Metal. Anyway a cross between too such bands is definitely going to mean one such thing – unrelenting speed and some damn fine drum work, both of which I can check off my metaphorical list straight away.


What makes “The Omega Rising” quite easy listening, once you’ve got into it a bit, is how quickly it seems to whiz through. Before you know it you’re half way through the album, and this sense that it’s over too quickly actually helps to keep the album fresher, and for some reason after having given the album a few days rest between listens has made it seem as if I’ve known these songs for months.


But back onto singling out tracks, and there is nice dark ambient instrumental work in “Silent Hosts Of Decay”, where some piano adds add to the brooding mood. But this is one of the only places such an instrument appears, I’m glad this is one Black Metal band which has declined from smothering every second of their album in keyboards. And the vocals suit the music too, their harsh production even helping them to blend into the wall of sound, instead of being highlighted to make PROFUNDI appeal more to the commercial Metal scene.


Production-wise, as I mentioned about the vocals, there is this “wall-of-sound” approach which helps to keep everything sounding impressive, especially in the crushing, “Lifeless, Cold And Crimson”. Lastly onto the negative side of this review which I’ll keep pretty brief. I like the way that the band have decided to write punchy, quite short songs, and overall a short album, because towards the end of the album I often got the feeling that I’d heard some of the riffs before, in previous tracks. The songwriting does get a tiny bit samey, but as said before PROFUNDI manages to keep it fresh with emphasis on the heaviness and blasting through each section with little messing about. I wouldn’t want to listen to “The Omega Rising” more than just every once in a while, but if you’re in the right mood for this kind of no frills heaviness it can really hit the spot.

(Online January 26, 2007)

Tom Bartlett

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