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Trouble - The Skull (8,5/10) - USA - 1984/2006

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Escapi Music
Playing time: 42:18
Band homepage: Trouble


  1. Pray For The Dead
  2. Fear No Evil
  3. The Wish
  4. The Truth Is, What Is
  5. Wickedness Of Man
  6. Gideon
  7. The Skull
Trouble - The Skull

Ah, you gotta love re-releases. Not only do they make sometimes hard-to-find albums easy-to-find again, but they make them sound awesome and package them with really cool DVD extras. TROUBLE's first two albums, "Psalm 9" and "The Skull" recently got the treatment, and boy, let me tell you, even if you've had the originals for years and played them til you're sick, these are worth the purchase. I've said a bit about "Psalm 9" in another review, so now I'm going to talk to you about "The Skull".

Haven't heard this one yet? Well, it's TROUBLE, which means that it's heavy, it's doomy, and it's got Eric Wagner's mad wailing vocals and overtly religious lyrics. But most importantly, it's got the awesome songs. "Pray For The Dead" opens in headbangingly awesome form, and the disc doesn't really let up from there. Want proof? Listen to that main riff in "The Wickedness Of Man". It's just true, 70's-tinged Doom with an awesome swagger to it that seems to be missing from so many bands these days. This album doesn't just contain riffs and grooves, Doom and gloom - it's got a certain looseness to it that adds to the honesty, something which greatly accentuates the forceful lyrics. All of these factors go together to make an album that is, while not quite as memorable as "Psalm 9", a Doom Metal classic that should be on the shelf of anyone who fancies himself a Doomster.

Oh, you have heard it? Then why would you want to buy it again, you ask? Well, maybe because of the crystal clear remastering, or maybe because of the bonus DVD featuring a lengthy show (16 tracks!) from 1984. Yeah, those sounds like good reasons to me, too.

TROUBLE. 'Nuff said.

(Online January 31, 2007)

Wesley D. Cray

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