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Resection - Zenith (8/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 30:00
Band homepage: Resection


  1. The Manhattan Project
  2. Sambiki Saru Or The Three No Evil-Monkeys
  3. Effect Of My Inner Conflict
  4. Dehydration Of Industrial Land
  5. Intolerance And Ban
  6. Preprogrammed End
  7. From Murder To Genocide
  8. Pursuit Of Illusion
  9. Putative Unison
Resection - Zenith

What can I write about Unmatched Brutality that I haven’t already written in previous reviews? Not much, as I’ve reviewed quite some of their releases. What about the moniker, do they live up to it? Nah, I wouldn’t say so. The brutality found on their releases is easily matched, and often surpassed by bands outside of the label. KILL THE CLIENT and ABADDON INCARNATE are two good examples. Having pigs, bears, and frogs on vocals doesn’t count as brutal in my bible. Never have I disliked an Unmatched Brutality release because it was too brutal and chaotic. The reason has been the damn vocals every time.


Well, spare from INGURGITATING OBLIVION. Germany’s best US sounding Death Metal band, no doubt.


With RESECTION it’s time to add another band to the list of good bands on the Unmatched roster. Once again they have dug up a German gem; I have to give them kudos for finding the most skilled Death Metal bands that Germany has to offer. It’s a joy to behold the immense skill of these individuals, as they rip through a technical variety of brutal Death Metal with utter conviction. Never do they use their technical skills to merely show off, there’s always a greater purpose. In addition, “Zenith” packs a hefty punch. If you have the right rack, this album will shake your house like a minor earthquake would.


Even though there’s a hefty amount of blasts on “Zenith” it never turns into a bore. The blasts sound as powerful as the rest of the music, and the ever lurking breakdown never lets them get old. The drummer is a real fucking talent, excelling at every pace and rhythm.


Then it’s time to talk about the poop in the stew. Yes, it’s the vocals. They are a lot better on “Zenith” than on most other Unmatched releases but also here they rear their ugly head. The amount of labouring sow sounds is too high. Fortunately there are some “real” vocals on here as well, quite a lot actually, and thanks to that I will listen to this album in the future as well. In addition, some of the processed vocals sound very good. Not often you meet bands that actually know how to get something useful out of such electronic equipment. Just get rid of those pig shrieks, please!


RESECTION is the second best Death Metal band from Germany, period. If you like bands such as VISCERAL BLEEDING and SPAWN OF POSSESSION this should be a safe bet.

(Online February 1, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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