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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - WITNESS THE END - My Wish Is Your Command

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Witness The End - My Wish Is Your Command (4,5/10) - Belgium - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Rotten To The Core
Playing time: 12:40
Band homepage: Witness The End


  1. Of Love And Death
  2. I'm Insane
  3. Dirty Rotten Bitch
  4. Extreme Politics Suck
  5. Sick And Gore Minded
  6. Can't Find My Way In This Life
Witness The End - My Wish Is Your Command

WITNESS THE END, not the worst band name I’ve heard. Did you know that every generation of humanity has the feeling that theirs will be the last. I bet you’ve felt it sometimes too. Anxious about George “I Kill For Oil” Bush? What about Kim “I Like Atom Bombs and Porn” Jung-il? The world has always been the same place; it’s just that the bad guys got bigger guns. The only thing certain is that we’ll all witness our own end. Kind of scares me.


WITNESS THE END isn’t scared enough yet, as it sounds like they have a toothless and sedated pitbull coming at their ass. Their main problem is that they their high gear scrapes. They are often pushing themselves into high gear, and believe me, it doesn’t sound too good. In addition they wobble like a badly tuned engine when going slow. Someone ought to scare them into shape. Some others might be charmed by the definite undergroundness of this band. I would say that they misjudge amateurish with talent if they salute this band. They are not completely talent-less but at the current stage they still have a lot to learn.


I’ve just finished reviewing “Zenith”, an album choke full of talent. “My Wish Your Command” stands in stark contrast to that mildly tainted gem. Sour guitars and half assed dynamics isn’t what make my day. They aren’t bordering on catastrophe but quite far from being onto something. I’m pretty sure that they will develop into a better band from here (as “My Wish Is Your Command” is their first release), but I don’t see them as my favourite band in the future. My prediction is that they will drown.


What they play is Death Metal spiced with Grindcore influences.


The weakest link is the drummer. “Sloppy” is his first name, “Out of sync" his middle, and “Unimaginative” his surname. I didn’t give him much slack there; I’ve definitively heard worse. It’s just that the utter blandness of his performance got the best of me. The vocalist isn’t among the best either, as all he is capable of is some shit screams and puking his vocals on top of the music. He hasn’t the worst puke in the world but his performance isn’t more than mediocre. Just like the rest of the album, except for the drums of course. They are just bad.  


There’s always someone who’ll like this, just don’t go and tell that I recommended it.   

(Online February 2, 2007)

Arve Henriksen

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