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Rain - Stronger (4/10) - Norway - 2006

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: MTM Music
Playing time: 47:00
Band homepage: Rain


  1. Do You Like It
  2. Insobriety
  3. Get Over It
  4. Crazy
  5. Die For You
  6. Flesh And Blood
  7. Let Me Be Your Favourite
  8. The Other Side
  9. Deserve
  10. Right By Your Side
  11. Lovesong
Rain - Stronger

Fronted by ex-JADED HEART frontman, Michael Bormann, RAIN deliver their second album, “Stronger”, sounding more like BON JOVI than you could ever wish for. Apart from the rather infuriatingly catchy “Sobriety” the kudos to Jon and Richie is overwhelmingly unwelcome.


Those familiar with JADED HEART will recognise the excellent vocal talents of Bormann but he must have gone to JOVI summer camp since the last RAIN release as song after song end up like sickly syrupy paeans to a miss-spent BON JOVI youth. The album is pretty much summed up in the truly horrible “The Other Side” which crosses BON JOVI and AEROSMITH in full cheesy power ballad mode. Avoid.

(Online February 1, 2007)

Chris Doran

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