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Death Breath - Stinking Up The Night (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Black Lodge
Playing time: 33:59
Band homepage: Death Breath


  1. Death Breath
  2. Chopping Spree
  3. Heading For Decaption
  4. Dragged Through The Mud
  5. Coffins Of The Unembalmed Dead
  6. A Morbid Mind
  7. Reduced To Ashes
  8. Christ All Fucking Mighty
  9. Flabby Little Things From Beyond
  10. Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Death Breath - Stinking Up The Night

Death Metal, that could hardly be more traditional, is what the Death Metal banger will find on the album of Sweden’s DEATH BREATH. Memories of the early times of the genre are awakened and things become a lot clearer once you read that none other than Nicke Andersson, also known from NIHILIST, ENTOMBED and the HELLACOPTERS is the brain behind this band.


With DEATH BREATH he does not only take care of the six strings, but also thrashes the drum kit that the pieces go flying. He is supported by two not completely unknown noise-makers in form of Robert Pehrsson (vocals und guitar) and Mange Hedquist (bass), who already played with RUNEMAGICK, DEATHWITCH, RUTHLESS MAUSOLEUM and GRINDERBITCH. “Stinking Up The Night“ is the right thing for all purists, who can’t stand any modern influences in Death Metal and also do not need much variation or progression. Where other bands search for new paths and view innovation as one of the most important traits, DEATH BREATH take a step back and wait the foundation in the best way. That not a single song really stands out on the whole album is not a problem at all. A little more than 30 minutes of well produced noise is spilling from the speakers and entertains. The sound fits perfectly, as the band took care of it itself, so no wishes are left open.


Who is searching for a down-to-earth Death Metal album, which unites all the virtues of this music, will have a hard time passing by DEATH BREATH. Everything fits here and that is all that counts, as this band has the authenticity as well.

(Online February 3, 2007)

Alexander Ehringer

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