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Fear My Thoughts - Vulcanus (9,5/10) - Germany - 2007

Genre: Metalcore / Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 56:50
Band homepage: Fear My Thoughts


  1. Accompanied By Death
  2. Blankness
  3. Culture Of Fear
  4. Acellerate Or Die
  5. Stamp Of Credence
  6. Survival Scars
  7. Vulcanus
  8. Soul Consumer
  9. Both Blood
  10. Gates To Nowhere
  11. Lost In Black
  12. Wasteland
Fear My Thoughts - Vulcanus

"Vulcanus" is the fifth full-length by German Metalcore/Thrash/Death act FEAR MY THOUGHTS, and by the way their debut on Century Media, proof of the commercial success of their two last albums "The Great Collapse" and "Hell Sweet Hell". Not really into Metalcore, I only knew them by name, and then I have to say that the first album I have the luck to review from 2007 was an unexpected slap in my face.


FEAR MY THOUGHTS are not really delivering something new, but what they give us here is a flawless manifestation of the best influences you can find on the genre. Something between UNEARTH, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and UNLEASHED (this reaches the edge of plain melodic Death Metal by times), "Vulcanus" represents richer music than any album created by the before mentioned bands, with a defying riffing, an overall superb guitar work and a very good vocal game between a deep, rusted screaming and a fresh clean voice. On the other hand, the variation between the songs is notable, making "Vulcanus" a truly entertaining listen.


The songwriting on this album is very mature, with brutal yet balanced tracks that sound like a modern version of Swedish Death Metal. This is very dense and fast, corrosive by times with a rather technical composition. The beginning with "Accompanied By Death" is super fast and catchy, the following "Blankness" is a Thrashy track with a memorable chorus. The speed slows down with "Culture Of Fear", a pseudo-ballad with a nice progressive touch and Death Metal growling that makes me remember the best moments of EDGE OF SANITY, and so we go killer after killer until the end with the badass "Wastelands".


If I don't give "Vulcanus" a 10 it is simply because of a slight overlength. This complex and punching music is very demanding for your senses, so after 55 minutes you can feel a bit exhausted. Apart from that minor "problem", I only have good words to describe this album.

(Online February 3, 2007)

Daniel Barros

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