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Succubitch - Beating And Maiming And Ripping And Cracking And Pricking, Attacking! (7,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 34:50
Band homepage: Succubitch


  1. Satanic Saufrock
  2. Let´s Crack Some Skulls
  3. The Callboy From Hell
  4. Hail Fucking Death
  5. Hell Boozers
  6. Demons Of Death
  7. Waiting For The Bus (To Hell)
  8. Harem Keeper Of The Devil
  9. Bitches Of Metal
  10. Heavy Metal Machine
Succubitch - Beating And Maiming And Ripping And Cracking And Pricking, Attacking!

Thrash Metal, baby. Thrash, hell yes. This is what SUCCUBITCH from good old Germany play. Let’s begin with the front cover. You can see three fatty, sinisterly-looking guys and if you have an eye for the patches they wear on their clothes, you will see that these guys are really Old School. The album title is then doing the rest, isn’t it? Musically, this is raw 80s Thrash.


The three guys have some really great riffs but the songs are all in all not remarkable enough. Their choruses seem to be too interchangeable. On the other hand, you can easily sing along to them right with the first listen. This is not something way too serious but a great sound track for a nice Metal party. Song titles like “Satanic Saufrock” or “Hell Boozers” say everything. This is just music from fans for fans. They don’t care about innovation, intelligently-arranged songs or technical skills.


Fans of old SODOM, GEHENNAH or GODDESS OF DESIRE have to buy this. Sometimes, you need something like this and I regret not once Cent, I paid for it.

(Online February 6, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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