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Razor - Decibels (10/10) - Canada - 1997

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Hypnotic Records
Playing time: 45:57
Band homepage: Razor


  1. Decibles >mp3
  2. Jimi The Fly
  3. Life Sentence
  4. Liar
  5. The Game
  6. Great White Lie
  7. Open Hostility
  8. Ninedead
  9. Goof Soup
  10. Violence…Gun Control
Razor - Decibels

RAZOR. This name should be actually enough to make every Speed/Thrash/Death and Black Metal maniac crazy. But it isn’t, unfortunately. There are only few bands in the more extreme areas of Metal like these Canadians that constantly delivered such great stuff. One album I always like to listen to is their last work “Decibels”.

Okay, diversity is not the strength of this band but only rarely made monotony such fun. And if you listen hard you will find some changes here and there like the gloomy choirs in the title track. These are small elements but they are fun. Their songs are otherwise always in the same mid tempo beat, sometimes, like in “The Game”, they push the pedal but they are always crushing and destroying. This is simple but great. Just listen to those great brutal riffs and the rough vocals; this is touching stuff. And this is incredibly haunting music.

RAZOR put me into fury more than BOLT THROWER could ever do. Each of their simple choruses is ultra catchy and just brilliant. On this CD, you can also find a new version of the band’s classic “Instant Death” as bonus. Enough said, my rating is given and now listen to this!

(Online February 7, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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