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Battlerage - Battlefield Belongs To Me (9/10) - Chile - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Highland Records
Playing time: 49:35
Band homepage: -


  1. Cimmeria
  2. The Wargods Return
  3. In Blood You'll Pay
  4. Disciples Of The Horned Skull
  5. Heavy Metal Breakdown
  6. By Steel I Reign Supreme
  7. From The Deepest Hell
  8. Heavy Metal Axe
  9. Dark Arrival Of Powers Malign
  10. The Battle Slain
  11. Held High The Chaos Sword
Battlerage - Battlefield Belongs To Me

Yeah, Chile’s Metal is striking back again. BATTLERAGE are the ones that join in the battle again and they do it with a bang! These five guys haven’t unlearned anything, really. Their three new songs are such powerful and brutal that every poser will leave the hall on the fastest way. Wow, this is so brilliant, incredibly brilliant!!!

These folks seem to go through the rows of wimps and posers in berserk rage and none have something to stop them. It’s a must to hear an insane anthem like “In Blood You’ll Pay". What a guitar solo, what an amazing song! “Disciples Of The Horned Skull” is then a track with a morbid atmosphere and a gorgeous chorus and reminds me of the “Legions Of The Dead” album of America’s TYRANT. Okay, the GRAVE DIGGER cover of “Heavy Metal Breakdown” can’t compete with the original song but it’s still a killer. Furthermore, there are three demo tracks from which I only knew “Heavy Metal Axe” as well as three live tracks.

Though the sound quality is lower than the studio tracks, all songs are a feast for every fan of Barbarian Metal. If you like bands like IRONSWORD, try your luck at

(Online February 10, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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