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4 tablatures for Sacred Steel

Sacred Steel - Pounding Inferno (9/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 40:24
Band homepage: Sacred Steel


  1. Pounding Inferno
  2. Children Of The Spirit
  3. Hell Insanity
  4. Unholy Majesty
  5. A Curse Upon Your Name
  6. Iron Blessing
  7. Zombie Ritual
  8. All For One
  9. Metal Knights
  10. (Empty) Tankard
Sacred Steel - Pounding Inferno

The new SACRED STEEL album “Hammer Of Destruction“ received some well critics but the real deal is the bonus-CD of the limited box. This piece contains six songs, either unreleased or only available on vinyl. But these songs are in no way inferior; these are true killers.


Except for its chorus, the lyrics of the title track lists the names of older and newer cult bands and that sounds great (and it’s a pleasure to read as well). Okay, this might be no new idea, SABATON or RITUAL CARNAGE have done something like that, too but it’s fun to listen to it and to compare it with one’s own collection. The front cover furthermore illustrates a lot of old Metal artworks and fan merchandise and it’s just a feast for the eyes of every true Metal fan. The music is in the vein we all know from SACRED STEEL that means Metal without mercy. It’s very anthem-like but never too pompous. Especially the fantastic “A Curse Upon Your Name” is a must.


Apart from their self-composed tracks, there are still four fabulous cover versions. Their cover of DEATH’s “Zombie Ritual” is a killer. I have never heard such a convincing DEATH-tribute. But also their versions of RAVEN, NASTY SAVAGE and TANKARD are fantastic. So if you find this strongly limited box, don’t hesitate and buy it, there are furthermore a poster, a signed autograph card as well as special patch in it.

(Online February 10, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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