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Legion Of The Damned - Sons Of The Jackal (9/10) - Netherlands - 2007

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 37:29
Band homepage: Legion Of The Damned


  1. Son Of The Jackal
  2. Undead Stillborn
  3. Avenging Archangel
  4. Death Is My Master (Slay For Kali)
  5. Sepulchral Ghoul
  6. Seven Heads They Slumber
  7. Infernal Wrath
  8. Atomicide
  9. Ten Horns Arise
  10. Diabolist
Legion Of The Damned - Sons Of The Jackal

A true hellish racket! Okay, previous effort “Malevolent Rapture“ had been one already, but what the Dutch deliver here is not just another damn essential purchase for every Thrash gourmet, but it is so darn great that it will be a classic! I am absolutely sure about that! Everything is even better and more brutal and also a notch heavier in the production. Beginning with the murderous production, with which Andy Classen really has been elevated into the Olympus of producer gods. Modern sounding, yet no Neo-Thrash anywhere in sight. Old school as fuck.


Stop and go parts until the cows go home and brilliant solos, high-speed parts or mid-paced stompers with double-bass barrage are what this album has to offer. Here and there the border between Thrash and Death Metal blurs, but who cares? This is anger turned sound and they even added some memorable hooks. Just listen to “Undead Stillborn“, an incredibly catchy killer in middle speeds. “Avenging Archangel“ is one of my personal faves. After a slow start your head will fly off, this is how they Thrash here. The SLAYER touch is clear here, fans of the Americans can get this without second thought. But I don’t want to stamp LEGION OF THE DAMNED as copies, here and there I also hear some SODOM, KREATOR or even RAZOR. What kind of new stuff would you expect in Thrash these days? Nothing! Nobody would expect that either. We want to mosh and bang – nothing more.


And we can do that during “Sons Of The Jackal“ until we drop. “Diabolist“, a rather slow-paced breaker, is so catchy and shout-along-compatible that the chorus will haunt you for days to come. A true hit! With the short acoustic instrumental “Seven Heads They Slumber“ we get a short breather until we get a really cool song with “Infernal Wrath“, which is borne by a culty CELTIC FROST riff. “Sepulchral Ghoul“ is high speed Thrash with strong “Reign In Blood” list, “Death Is My Master (Slay For Kali)” and “Atomicide“ are both great Thrashers, nothing less, nothing more. With “Ten Horns Arise“ the Thrash is flying once more and every headbanger will probably say goodbye to his neck vertebrae.


The whole album does not have a single filler, only killers! With this album the tulip slayers just have to break through – I really hope for it. Anybody, who does not know the band yet should definitely check them out.

(Online February 7, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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