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Miseration - Your Demons - Your Angels (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2007

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Rivel Records
Playing time: 41:01
Band homepage: Miseration


  1. Miseration
  2. Your Demons - Their Angels
  3. Thrones
  4. Perfection Destroyed
  5. Seven Are The Sins
  6. World Lethality
  7. The End Designed
  8. Chain-Work Soul
  9. Noctivagant
  10. Scattering The Few
  11. Free From Light, Devoid Of Fire
Miseration - Your Demons - Your Angels

Melodic, technical Death Metal can be anything but exciting. That’s the kind of music MISERATION are said to play. Actually that’s correct, but those who, like myself, dislike too melodic stuff combined with growled vocals are rather cautious when they hear that. Sweden’s MISERATION really surprised me, though. Their music is brutal yet melodious enough to not be written off as dull blasting. With that said, this sounds highly sophisticated without being progressive and it has a production that will lay waste to your room in no time.

In order to realize his very own version of extreme Metal, Jani Stefanovic (DIVINEFIRE, ESSENCE OF SORROW, EX AM I BLOOD, SINS OF OMISSION, RENASCENT) lacked appropriate comrades. After the band RENASCENT had split up, band mate Barry Haldan supported him on the guitar. The live guitarist of DIVINEFIRE (where Jani plays as well), Patrik Gardberg, and Plec of UNMMOORED are in, too. SCAR SYMMETRY’s Christian Älvestam could be hired for the vocal duties. A big plus, I think. Those who know SCAR SYMMETRY’s albums know what to except. He is one of the best Death Metal shouter at the moment plus he has a damn good clean voice.

Swedish Death Metal is the name of the game with MISERATION, harsh and fast but modern and with brutish, groovy power chords. This should appal most old school fans, but you have to like someone who creates such a captivating blend of melody, death and creativity. Furthermore, there are samples and synthies to be heard, but don’t panic, they don’t water down the sound. They rather add to the atmosphere and things clearly stay METAL! The drummer is simply incredible, whether it be ultra blasting, double bass barrage or skilful tempo changes – it is a pleasure to listen to this skinsman. Compared to stylistically similar bands like SOILWORK or IN FLAMES, who become more and more predictable, hungry newcomers like MISERATION easily win the race. Highly recommended to all fans of the genre, trust me!

(Online February 12, 2007)

Ralf Henn

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