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14 tablatures for Type O Negative

Type O Negative - Symphony For The Devil (The World Of Type O Negative) (DVD) (7,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal / Doom Metal
Label: SPV
Playing time: 2:14:57
Band homepage: Type O Negative


  1. In The Flesh
  2. Cinnamon Girl
  3. Waste Of Life (Intro)
  4. Too Late: Frozen
  5. In Praise Of Bacchus
  6. Kill All The White People
  7. Cornucopia
  8. Wolfmoon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
  9. Everything Dies
  10. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
  11. Are You Afraid?
  12. Gravity
  13. Black Sabbath (Intro)
  14. Christian Woman
  15. Love You To Death
  16. Black No. 1
Type O Negative - Symphony For The Devil (The World Of Type O Negative) (DVD)

Note: The tracklidsting above appears on the back sleeve of the DVD but they do not actually always correlate with the chapters on the DVD itself. This is due to the fact that behind-the-scenes footage is interspersed with the live tracks. Here is the more accurate tracklisting (including both tracks and behind-the-scenes footage):


  • Intro
  • In The Flesh (Intro)/Cinnamon Girl/Der Untermensch (Intro)
  • Throne Room
  • Too Late: Frozen
  • Xero Tolerance (Intro)/In Praise Of Bacchus
  • Jesus Hitler (Intro)/Kill All The White People
  • Asshole/Truck Fuck/Bus Bill
  • Cornucopia (Intro)/Wolfmoon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
  • Fuck face Pt. 1/Slitzy Spanks It/The Aardvark
  • Everything Dies/My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
  • Dance Schule Pt. 1/Fuck Face Pt. 2
  • Are You Afraid?/Gravity
  • Black Sabbath (Intro)/Christian Woman
  • The Grapes Of Ass/The Incredible Jew/Fuck Face Pt. 3
  • Love You To Death
  • Black No. 1
  • Dedications/Dance Schule Pt. 2/Credits


Anyone who’s even remotely familiar with this band knows that they are a bunch of right nutters. Even their morose, gloomy mixture of Doom and Goth is not without its fair share of tongue-in-cheek moments. I am a huge TYPE O fan but I must admit that their chronic self-deprecating sense of humor and offstage antics gets a little hard to bear. This DVD is basically a combination of the band’s 1999 concert at Germany’s Bizarre festival with liberal amounts of backstage antics and skits thrown in. The live tracks are impeccably performed with a clear sound and stellar (but limited – this was shot quite a few years ago) camera work.


I can’t fault the live tracks but the main problem lies with the overbearing backstage/offstage antics. Most of the shenanigans involve the band’s deranged roadie Slitzy, a pudgy bald character with an infatuation for anything scatological and/or relating to gay humor. Here are just a few gems you’ll get to see Slitzy participate in on this DVD: eating grapes out of another man’s ass, jerking off on an airplane, randomly yelling at people through a megaphone, punching band members in the face with huge set gloves and so on. If that wasn’t enough you’ll also get to see both Slitzy and Peter Steele on the toilet more than once, Peter taking a dump in the streets of Sweden and a particularly nasty easter egg segment where someone (Peter?) takes a dump in a toilet and then picks up and fondles his own turd. All the things that make this Brooklyn quartet so very family friendly. These scenes are funny at first but it gets tedious to watch after you’ve seen it once and due to the fact that you can't separate them from the live tracks (they often occupy a single DVD chapter) the whole DVD gets hard to watch after you’ve sat through the thing once. Even more frustrating is the bonus interview with Juliya Chernetsky (then of Fuse TV). The band acts like a bunch of 8 year old kids with ADD and no question is ever answered and ultimately nothing about the band is revealed – they only bicker and laugh at each other and make random jokes. Shame really. But hey – this is the world of TYPE O NEGATIVE after all, so I guess it comes with the territory…


Like I said earlier the live tracks rule. The setlist focuses mainly on the “Bloody Kisses” and “October Rust” albums but a few numbers from “World Coming Down” and “Slow, Hard And Deep” also show up (although the latter album’s songs are mostly used only as intros to the other songs). Some tracks to look out for: “In Praise Of Bacchus” (Silver’s keys are really soaring on this slow, ballad-type song), “Kill All The White People” (hyperactive screaming from Steele and furious riffing by Hickey on this aggressive CARNIVORE-like track from “Bloody Kisses”), “Christian Woman” (I’ve always loved this motherfucker!), Everything Dies” (the best track on the dark and rather inaccessible “World Coming Down” album – just listen to the vocal performance and ethereal keys on this one! Beauty!), and the band’s ‘hit’ “Black No. 1” (boy, did this one get a rowdy crowd response). The sound is warm and clear, the camerawork solid and the crowd reacts to the songs enthusiastically so I cant fault the live document at all.


Some additional bonus features include a photo gallery (only of Peter though) where you get to see his whole life, basically, from a baby through his teens, his stint in CARNIVORE and the ensuing TYPE O years; band bios; and audio commentary by the band (and Slitzy…) where you basically get to hear them laugh at their own stupidity. My copy also came with a bonus CD containing a SANTANA medley so that’s cool.


I’m ambivalent about this DVD. I’m a big fan of the band so it’s great to see them live but the bonus footage really got on my nerves after a while. But ultimately this “Symphony For The Devil” isn’t too bad. Buy it for the live tracks, not the bonus/behind-the-scenes footage.

(Online February 13, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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