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Divinefire - Into A New Dimension (9/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Rivel Records
Playing time: 51:43
Band homepage: Divinefire


  1. Vision Of The New Dawn
  2. Passion & Fire
  3. Time’s Running Out
  4. Into A New Dimension
  5. Facing The Liar
  6. Live Or Die
  7. Alive
  8. All For One
  9. The Final Victory
  10. The Last Encore
Divinefire - Into A New Dimension

For the last three years this band has released an album each year, which is not that common and in addition to that the quality of the records has not at all suffered because of that, all of them being of high quality indeed. Maybe the only flaw that one can find (if one really wants to) is that they have not really changed musically that much, but as long the records are good, that is fine with me.


So this third record of the guys from DIVINEFIRE is bringing again great Power Metal back on the menu, with really varied influences, which makes this band a bit different form the others. The vocals of NARNIA singer Christian Rivel of course brings some affinities with this band, especially regarding the lyrics.


As I first heard the intro “Vision Of The New Dawn” I thought to myself that this could just as well be the intro of a symphonic Black Metal act with its orchestral instrumentation. But then the first track “Passion And Fire” lightens us up and reveals a powerful and heavy Metal with that great orchestral background we have already encountered in the intro. Things get even heavier with the second track “Times Running Out” and you might not believe it, but with growls! It seems that they take the title of the track literally and are racing against the clock and that is why the riffing reveals kinship with certain Thrash Metal combos. And all the tracks go into this direction, from mid-tempo to raging storms a la CHILDREN OF BODOM, with clear powerful vocals alternating with growls, which will be back quite often on this album, reaching the climax in the song “Alive”, that sounds as if they had crossbred a Black Metal song with a Power Metal song, but sounds really great!! And we should not forget that great symphonic background, which RHAPSODY OF FIRE would call Hollywood sound, I guess. It might seem that a lot of different and seemingly opposing elements meet on this record, but DIVINEFIRE master it really well and create a homogenous and really great and somewhat unique blend of Metal and to all these: Christian lyrics!!!


The Japanese edition features the track “Masters And Slaves” as bonus, which fits like a glove into the atmosphere of the record and if you would not know you might think at the beginning of the track, that you are listening to a Black Metal act. The European version includes “Free Like An Eagle” – TALK OF THE TOWN cover.


So if you would like to hear how this strange brew really sounds like, get a hold of this album and listen for yourselves, I would recommend it, cause it is really well done, great sound, great production and great songs, with a somewhat unique blend. Enjoy!

(Online January 7, 2007)

Jenö Szöke

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