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Scorngrain - 0,05% (7/10) - Finland - 2006

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Playing time: 40:00
Band homepage: Scorngrain


  1. The Code
  2. Teadstool Journey
  3. Mural
  4. Off With Their Heads
  5. ‹bermensch
  6. Draw The Line
  7. Shot Down
  8. Mama Stabber
  9. Teaspoonful
Scorngrain - 0,05%

A one word review for this album would be, "metallic". The second FL by Finnish Industrial Metal act SCORNGRAIN sounds like steel, cold and heavy, with a very electric density. The drumming sounds like an angry engine, the strings are sharp razors and the voice is a ripping distorted noise, rusted as fuck. All this sounds of course very suffocating, the band creates a totally oppressive atmosphere that makes you feel like filth, something darker than the good old times of PITCHSHIFTER, colder than their fellow countrymen DIABLERIE and certainly more neurotic than FEAR FACTORY.


The best element we can find in "0,05%" is certainly the crushing ambience. This is not something nice to listen, but SCORNGRAIN's goal is obviously to make you feel miserable, and a rotten, primitive wall of noise will fall over your shoulders since the very first moment. What was constructed here is not a friendly machine and you're meant to suffer it. Unfortunately, the lack of variety makes this even more difficult to swallow, now in a bad way. All songs sound too similar in density and rhythm, and that becomes very hard to digest in an album that totally lacks melody, such as this.

(Online February 18, 2007)

Daniel Barros

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