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Vectom - Speed Revolution / Rules Of Mystery (7/10) - Germany - 1985/1986/2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: StormSpell Records
Playing time: 35:38/38:20
Band homepage: -


  1. Speed Revolution
  2. In Nomine Satanas
  3. Damned Love
  4. The Exterminator
  5. Loudness And Speed
  6. Black Viper
  7. Day Of Execution
  8. Open The Coffin
  9. Satan’s Colours
  10. Too Fast For Hell
  11.  Der Anfang/Prisoner’s Back
  12. Dipsomania
  13. Metallic War
  14. Why Am I Alive
  15. Outlaw
  16. Feelings Of Freedom
  17. Caught By Insanity
  18. Evil Run
  19. This Is The End
Vectom - Speed Revolution / Rules Of Mystery

VECTOM got lost in the sea of Thrash Metal bands that sprung up in the mid 1980s and were one of the earlier German Thrash bands. StormSpell Records decided to re-release the band’s only two albums – 1985’s “Speed Revolution” and the following year’s “Rules Of Mystery”, and while neither of these two albums qualify as essential Thrash listening they are pretty obscure releases that make for some enjoyable and nostalgic listening. 


To start off, this band’s noisy, abrasive Thrash reminds me of DARKNESS (another very similar German Thrash band). “Speed Revolution” sees the band in full Thrash mode with noisy leads, screams and speedy riffs being the order of the day, while the sophomore effort, “Rules Of Mystery”, features somewhat slower and more considerate songs with a fuller production sound. On the first album there are a few standout tracks like “In Nomine Satanas” with its cool solos throughout and “The Exterminator” (if you love SLAUGHTER’s “Strappado” album you’ll love this one!), and speed monsters “Black Viper” and “Day Of Execution”. Musically these songs are the epitome of B-League 80s Thrash, and while there’s nothing really wrong with the band’s sound it simply cannot hold a candle to the efforts of fellow countrymen KREATOR and DESTRUCTION. I can’t rate “Speed Revolution” higher than an average 6/10.


The second album fares slightly better thanks in no small part to a better production job and overall better musicianship. “Der Anfang/Prisoner’s Back” comes storming out of the gates with a catchy main riff and vocal lines that actually suit the structure of the song. Not bad at all. “Outlaw” is a speedy affair that will have the heads of all old-school Thrashers banging in no time and it shows that when this band gets going they can be really fucking lethal. Other highlights include the very effective melodic break in “Caught By Insanity” and the closer “This Is The End”, a track that is very similar to DESTRUCTION’s “Bestial Invasion” – thrash till death!! “Rules Of Mystery” also has a more salient NWOBHM vibe running through it and it gives the songs a bit of class. I’d rate this one a solid 7,5/10


Over the course of these two albums the band does more right than wrong but they just didn’t have enough musical identity of their own to really stand out from the pack. Of course if you’re an avid collector of rare and obscure Thrash releases you must lap these two up ASAP, but if you are nothing more than a casual fan of the genre you're best advised to stick to the classics like “Reign In Blood”, “Rust In Peace”, and “Coma Of Souls”.

(Online February 17, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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