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TMO Podcasts

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A new interview podcast and we are turning the tables! This is not a band, this is not a musician, this is one of the most renowned personalities in Metal journalism: Martin Popoff, co-founder of "Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles" and author of more than 20 Metal related books. TMO hooked up with the master to get behind the scenes...

Here's what the older podcasts were about (you can still listen to them, when you subscribe):

  • A new interview podcast is online, this time we got Helge Stang, vocalist of Bavarian Viking Metallers EQUILIBRIUM on the other line to get all the infos about their new album "Sagas", out on Nuclear Blast Records!
    Heavy New Year - the "TMO Music Podcast" is back and it is double the podcast, double the fun! 17 tracks spanning the Eighties through to the here and now, from MYSTIC PROPHECY, DEVIAN and XENTRIX to THARAPHITA, WOODS OF YPRES and DIOCLETIAN, the new year is going to be heavy! And it continues with the second part of our Heavy New Year, Part II of our first Podcast of the year and this one is bigger than ever, PRIMORDIAL, SEAR BLISS, ENDSTILLE, AYREON, GATES OF WINTER, EXIT STRATEGY and much, much more!
  • It's the be scared! Welcome to the annual Halloween Podcast!
  • THREE (or 3, if you prefer) are the musical oddball in the Metal Blade stable, delivering an eclectic brand of Prog Rock and just in time for their tour with the SCORPIONS we got in touch with mastermind Joey Eppard to get everything on the new album "The End Is Begun"!
  • For the 37th time "The Metal Observer" is inviting you onto a journey through Metal and once more we have dug deep into the vaults of TMO, unearthing unknown treasures like FIELDS OF IARU, DYNAHEAD, or THE HOURGLASS as well as new material of greats such as SYMPHONY X, SLOUGH FEG or MANEGARM.
  • Are you ready for 95 minutes of Metal fresh from the tap? We have different flavours on offer, too, from traditional Metal to Black Metal and a lot in between, hear new stuff from KING DIAMOND, MUNICIPAL WASTE, KORPIKLAANI, NEUROSIS, PARADISE LOST, SUSPERIA and discover young bands such as SORCERER, DRYAD'S TREE, VIGRID, BLODKARSK or MALEVA - "The Metal Observer" has spoken!
  • The master of horror is back for the 12th time: KING DIAMOND! Join us on a journey behind the concept of "Give Me Your Soul...Please" to find out what lies beyond the dead girl, the inspiration, the moral decay, oh yes, and where the mirror on the cover actually came from...
  • The TMO Podcast, your source for all kinds of Metal, from the brutality of IMMOLATION and DESPISED ICON over the progressive excursions of THRESHOLD and SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM up to the melodic pomp of HEAVENLY and the gruff blue collar Rock of AMERICAN DOG, all in one!
  • You want to hear from the big guns? Hear VINTERSORG, DARK TRANQUILLITY, MARDUK and MANOWAR. You also want to discover new talent? We have NE OBLIVISCARIS, KROMLEK and OUTER SKIN for you! You want stuff in between, you are at the right address - at the TMO Music Podcast!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, start your speakers! We have 35 year old MAGNUM, and 30 year old SAXON, but also young spuds such as 7 THORNS or HATERUSH and a lot in between! All-girl action with ASTARTE, good ole Sleaze of THE POODLES or the dirty Doom assault of BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL, you want it - you got it, so tune in - NOW!
  • One of Canada's hottest commodities hails out of Toronto and TMO has them right where we want them - on the other side of the phone line: WARMACHINE! Hear what Joe Di Taranto had to say!
  • Prepare for the ride of your Metal time with 90 minutes all across the spectrum. Starting out with up and coming acts such as AKOMA, AEVERON and WASTED LAND to the already established names of MASTERPLAN and FINNTROLL, the TMO Music Podcast has it all! And do not forget to check out new sensation VAN CANTO!
  • More than 75 minutes of Metal madness - that is what the TMO Music Podcast is about! This week we have big names such as METALIUM or IMPIOUS as well as hopeful newcomers of the likes of SUN SHADOW, MENOSGADA, SPECTRE DRAGON or ELEXORIEN, Death, Black, Power, Viking, Thrash, the spectrum knows no boundaries!
  • Pound for pound we will assault your Metal senses, from the Death Metal brutality of ABSCESS and the DISSECTION worship of BLACK HORIZONS over the epic antics of BATTLELORE and the whirlwind that is MORS PRINCIPIUM EST up to the pure Power Metal of MESSIAH'S KISS and REBELLION you will find everything your Metalheart desires!
  • The Power Metal of PERSUADER, the Death Metal of LAETHORA, the Doom Metal of AUTUMNAL, the Viking Metal of ENSIFERUM, the Black Metal of Crebain, at TMO you will get all your basic Metal food groups!
  • THIS ENDING, a new name to a veteran band. The band previously known as A CANOROUS QUINTET is back with a modern, heavy and still very melodic Death Metal album, and AMON AMARTH drummer Fredrik Andersson was on the other end of the line to talk about how it all happened!
  • No matter, if it is old or new, any good Metal has its place in the TMO podcasts and from the bigger names such as ROTTING CHRIST and NOVEMBERS DOOM over hopeful newcomers of the likes of IRMINSUL or CASTAWAY to long lost jewels like STIGMATA and SOULSEARCH, we have it all for you!
  • Prog Metal is not dead yet, which is proved by Texan MEYVN, who just signed a deal with Killzone Records. We got in touch with their British singer Rick Clark to get the lowdown on how it all started and what the future has in store for them!
  • The most varied Heavy Metal rollercoaster on the net is back to give you (almost) everything your Metalheart could desire! From LEGION OF THE DAMNED over TRISTANIA and HORNA to DESTRUCTION and CATAMENIA with lots of new bands to discover!
  • German SUIDAKRA are back with a new album and one hell of a return to their Celtic Black Metal roots and a lot more. We got in touch with bassist Marcus for the lowdown on what was, what is and what will be!
  • Hope you had a good change of the year, we start 2007 like we ended 2006 - with a chunk of mixed Metal for your listening pleasure!
  • Who said that Christmas had to be sounding the same all the time? We dug up a few holiday favourites that were, ehm, spruced up a little, enjoy a different take on tradition and HEAVY HOLIDAYS!
  • This week you will get brand new stuff from Melechesh, Catamenia, Horrorscope and Elis as well as some promising new bands and another cool cover version, you cannot miss this!
  • Another journey into the realms of Metal will once again bring you big names and newcomers, brutal nihilism and melodic beauty, all rolled up into one nice, convenient podcast!
  • TYR from the Faroe Islands is one of the rising stars of European Metal and we hooked up with mastermind Heri Joensen live from their European tour!
  • Metal is rolling in from all over the globe and we are channelling it right into one fine podcast. So crank up your speakers, this is your weekly dose of headbanging glory!
  • The Vikings are at home in Canada as well. Meet Dave Parks, mastermind behind Calgary-based Viking Metal project DARK FOREST for informations on the past, the present and the future…
  • Happy Halloween - this is your Metal Halloween, musical spookiness par excellence!
  • Prepare for another rollercoaster journey through the world of Metal. From the pillars of Germany, the USA and Sweden reaching into South America with Brazil, Peru and Colombia we will introduce you to brand new bands from all styles!
  • This week we are interviewing the mastermind of one of Sweden's top addresses in technical Death Metal - Fredrik Schälin by ANATA. Here you have the chance to hear what a hung over Swedish Metal musician sounds like, but it did not stop him from giving us some interesting insights!
  • You want music? You will get music! 12 songs from 8 countries all the way from Prog to Black and everything in between - METAL!
  • The Vikings are back and TMO got them on the phone - get ready for a 50-minute interview with AMON AMARTH fronter Johan Hegg, plus a travel through the music history of the Swedes, you get the whole experience!
  • One of the best known Western Canadian bands is back with a new album: INTO ETERNITY. We interviewed mastermind Tim Roth about all the comings and goings and everything surrounding it!
  • Another journey through the world of Metal, spanning Europe, North America and Australia, so don't say we're not taking you places!
  • German Power Metal legends BLIND GUARDIAN are back with their first album in four years and of course they had to answer the questions of "The Metal Observer". Get the latest on one of the hottest contenders for "Album of the Year"!
  • The music is back - one hour of headbanging glory, covering the whole spectrum for you from traditional Heavy Metal to sheer brutality and everything in between!
  • You want it modern, but you also want it traditional? Denmark's MERCENARY are a possible solution! Mixing the Death/Thrash of old with cutting edge modern melodies, they are combining old and new. This week's interview is with Mikkel Sandager of MERCENARY directly from Denmark!
  • Prepare yourself for 73 minutes of mixed Metal from all over the world, compiled by TMO Brother Chris Kraemer! Prepare for a journey through steel…
  • Before that we had a new interview podcast - we had promised you a big one and you will get a big one: An exclusive one on one with Steve Asheim from DEICIDE!
  • Previously, the first music only TMO podcast, where we will bring you a wide variety of Metal styles. Be ready for an hour of headbanging discovery!
  • The first ever edition is featuring an exclusive audio interview with Calgary-based VERBAL DECEPTION as well as two tracks off their brand new album "Aurum Aetus Piraticus"!

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