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Divinefire - Hero (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Rivel Records
Playing time: 42:47
Band homepage: Divinefire


  1. Resurrection
  2. Secret Weapon
  3. Divinefire >mp3
  4. Hero
  5. United As One >mp3
  6. Leaving The Shadows Behind
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. New Beginning
  9. Cryptic Passages
  10. The Show Must Go On >mp3
Divinefire - Hero

The first and the third releases of this band have already been reviewed here, so the time has come for the second one. In case you have already heard the other two records of the band, released in record time, then you will probably know what to expect from this one, if you aren’t familiar with this record yet.


There is no radical change neither in the sound of the record nor in the musical direction the band is following. They are still the adepts of a very heavy kind of Metal, which often reaches the peaks of Speed Metal. All this garnered with a very rich orchestral instrumentation, something in the vein of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, but also sometimes some similarities with some Black Metal acts can be dared, maybe because of the quite often used growls, that give this music a unique touch. This very well departs them from further associations with the above named Italian band, that also holds good for the lyrical section as well, cause they are not singing about dragons and dwarves, but they concentrate more on Christian themes. That is due to singer Christian Rivel from NARNIA.


One song that requires my special attention is the QUEEN cover “The Show Must Go On”. Here I have to say two things, first QUEEN is one of my all times favourites and second my opinion is when deciding for a cover song, then you should at least sing it as good as the original band did and in very few cases even add something to it, anything else would be and is a blasphemy. And thus regarded, I consider that DIVINEFIRE have done a good job and perform this song in a manner that is a tribute to the legend that was QUEEN. The use of female vocals alternating with male vocals is a really good idea: Thomas Vikström (ex-CANDLEMASS; TALK OF THE TOWN & STORMWIND) and Swedish pop singer Maria Radsen.


To all those who like melodic and somewhat faster Metal and won’t be scared by a few growls here and there and have nothing against the lyrics, I recommend this band. Enjoy!

(Online January 11, 2007)

Jenö Szöke

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