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Onslaught - In Search Of Sanity (9,5/10) - Great Britain - 1989/2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Blackend Records
Playing time: 59:40
Band homepage: Onslaught


  1. Asylum
  2. In Search Of Sanity
  3. Shellshock
  4. Lightning War
  5. Let There Be Rock
  6. Blood Upon The Ice
  7. Welcome To Dying
  8. Powerplay
  9. Confused
Onslaught - In Search Of Sanity

Back then I did not get this album, because it continuously was compared to “And Justice For All“ and I did not want to waste any money on a copy of this relative disappointment, so I spent it somewhere else. What an idiot I was back then (I know, many people still think the same today) became clear to me in 2006, when I bought the re-release to complete my collection. Holy crap, is this album great! And the METALLICA comparison is mostly garbage. Yes, the recklessness of “Power From Hell“ and the invincible anger and brutality of “The Force“ were sacrificed for more technical and melodic songs, but even here ONSLAUGHT were a force to be reckoned with. METALLICA’s forth can’t really compete with that. The production was a lot more lively and ONSLAUGHT also had the better songs, period!


I already hear some fans scream ’blasphemy’, but it’s true!! The brilliant vocals of Steve Grimmett alone already are a revelation. Every GRIM REAPER fan knows what this guy is capable off, just listen to the semi-ballad “Welcome To Dying“, every old METALLICA fan will receive his absolution here. Killer melodies, huge choruses, divine riffing, great solos etc. The other songs are not far behind this milestone. Even the AC/DC cover version of “Let There Be Rock“ sounds darn good in the band’s sound.


But also some younger BLIND GUARDIAN fans should have a listen into this album, I bet you’d be surprised to find out where your faves got some of their ideas from. But one thing is for sure: the album rocks like hell!!!

(Online February 19, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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