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Holy Terror - El Revengo (10/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Blackend Records
Playing time: 63:38/59:27
Band homepage: -


CD 1

  1. A Fools Gold/Terminal Humor
  2. Christians Resistance
  3. Damned By Judges
  4. No Resurrection
  5. Evils Rising
  6. Mortal Fear
  7. Distant Calling
  8. Alpha Omega (The Bringer Of Balance)
  9. Blood Of The Saints
  10. Black Plaque
  11. Terror & Submission
  12. Tomorrows End
  13. Guardians Of The Netherworld

CD 2 Audio Side:

Live In Dendermonde Belgium

  1. Black Plaque
  2. Evils Rising
  3. Judas Reward
  4. Debt Of Pain
  5. Distant Calling
  6. Christian Resistance
  7. Blood Of The Saints
  8. Immortal Wasteland
  9. Alpha Omega

Live In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  1. Do Unto Others
  2. Christian Resistance
  3. Alpha Omega

Live In Milan, Italy

  1. Judas Reward
  2. Black Plaque

CD 2 DVD Side

  • Live Sets From:
  • Milwaukee
  • Chicago
  • Anaheim
  • Judas Reward Video
  • Slideshow
Holy Terror - El Revengo

Speed Metal special commandos HOLY TERROR have reformed and a new album on the market. Unfortunately there is not a single new song on it, instead they took the first four songs, which could be found on the second long player “Mind Wars“ and had them redone by producer Jack Endino, which was very necessary indeed. Who knows the old HOLY TERROR albums, knows what I am talking about. Kurt Kilfelt had been a brilliant musician and song writer, but a horrible producer.


Unfortunately the band did not have enough money to remix more than four songs, but at least I get my personal fave “No Resurrection” in the sound it deserves. This fact alone was worth the money. After that we get the whole “Terror & Submission“ album with the US mix, which every European fan should enjoy due to the slightly better sound. I won’t have to say much about the songs themselves, do I? Who could be happy about a more Thrashy version of old SAVAGE GRACE or AGENT STEEL, will worship HOLY TERROR. Rarely raw power, great melodies and technical abilities have been united as ingeniously as with in band.


The second CD is a dual disc, which means that on the one side you can hear several live cuts in the audio version, while the other side also brings you the visual counterpart. Unfortunately the video part is only for the die-hard maniacs, as picture and sound are very bootleg-like. But the audio side is offering a very good sound and shows the band in top form. The great intro to “Distant Calling” already worth an applause. And to be able to hear the hoarse vocals of Keith Deen for a last time should be worth the money for you, too!

(Online February 20, 2007)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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