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Daemonlord/Key Of Mythras - Bonded By Hate (7/10) - Spain/Austria - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nocturnal Empire
Playing time: 14:18
Band homepage: Daemonlord
Band homepage: Key Of Mythras


Key Of Mythras

  1. ...So Let It Be Done >mp3


  1. The Sharpened Edge Of Ignorance
Daemonlord - Bonded By Hate

A short, sharp introduction to a couple of the underground's promising here, unfortunately this was produced in 2005. Both bands are still active though so it still serves a purpose.


KEY OF MYTHRAS's contribution is much in the vein of the debut “Demonspeed Metalstorm” albeit not quite as raw but certainly more Thrashy. So what you get is a spirited Black Metal infused with elements from aforesaid genre, altogether it entertains quite adequately ta very much. There is a fair delivery of groove that keeps this track bouncy and pushes the feel way back into the 90's. If you add in the folkish melody that sprightly perks up the proceedings every now and again then you have something to smile about.


As an indicator of where this one man effort stands now, don't take too much heed of what you hear on this split, KOM have taken a different approach to recent work. For now though, just enjoy the driving tempos that never get out of hand but do get in your head. The dynamics do vary and the effusive guitars hook in nicely, there is plenty of dash to counter the snarl of the vocals. It's all very different to what you can hear on the Myspace page and interesting to compare the two. He must be doing something right judging by his Myspace friends.


DAEMONLORD's “Of War And Hate” was/is an ideal press play for a buzz bomb of fizzing Black Metal and their track is no exception. Indicating a barely perceptible shift towards the equally frantic “Hellfire Centuries” album which is their most recent effort, you can't help but find yourself grinning in appreciation of the enthusiastic surge that rampages through “The Sharpened Edge Of Ignorance.”


Like their split mate, DAEMONLORD effectively utilise a racing folk inspired lead motif to skitter atop the driving wash created by the other instruments. The slightly acidic rhythm guitar foams over the pulsing drums which are programmed but due to solid support from the bass, don't lose emphasis. The strangled vocals add the right level of demented spite to prevent the inherent warmth in the guitars from making anything sounding too accessible. The track bounds along virtually to the end before a brief moment of relative calm is swamped by the rush to the end.


Though these two bands compliment each other and have some common features, they are distinct from each other and it will be a matter of personal taste as to which bests the other. As a taster though, only DAEMONLORD's track indicates what the band sound like now.

(Online February 19, 2007)

Niall MacCartney

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