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Güdenläwd - Good And Loud (3/10) - Brazil - 2006

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Old Skull
Playing time: 32:51
Band homepage: Güdenläwd


  1. Another Chance >mp3
  2. Flames
  3. Malice In Wonderland
  4. Pay My Dues
  5. From The Ashes
  6. Always Shines >mp3
  7. Kick
  8. We Ain’t The Same
  9. Home
  10. Chance Revisited
Güdenläwd - Good And Loud

Right off the bat - this wasn’t a pleasant listen. I was left so utterly unmoved by this album that I literally didn’t even know what to write about it. Thanks to many cups of coffee and MELECHESH’s new effort I managed to slap together a few lines that I feel best describes this stinker.


I’ve never heard of GÜDENLÄWD before and that’s just as well since this album did absolutely nothing for me – “Good And Loud” may very well be the dictionary definition of ‘lackluster’ and just plain ‘boring’. Just looking at the album cover immediately drained any positive expectations I might have had. Musically these Brazilians play a mixture of VIKING SKULL/MOTÖRHEAD-inspired Rock/Groove laced with the occasional melodic touch a la GUNS ‘N ROSES. On paper it doesn’t sound too bad but unfortunately the finished product lacks a lot in the way of invigorating music. The vocalist is largely to blame as his feeble rumblings are devoid of any iota of passion and the guitarists are only there to fill space. The only two tracks of note are “From The Ashes” and “Always Shines”, with the former rocking along with a fairly good VIKING SKULL-like groove and the latter sounding somewhat similar to GUNS ‘N ROSES’ “Mr. Brownstone”. Some of the solos on here are also lifted from the Iommi book of solos but that’s about it. The rest just sucks. The band doesn’t sound like they wanted to make this album and it shows in the songs – they just plod along aimlessly. It’s Rock that doesn’t Rock.


The album title is a total misnomer. This is “weak and toothless”, not “good and loud”. Sad. I tried to use this as a laxative but it just caused everything to crawl back up. It’s that bad! Avoid!

(Online February 21, 2007)

Neil Pretorius

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