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Dark Order - The Violence Continuum (5/10) - Australia - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Battlegod Productions
Playing time: 60:31
Band homepage: Dark Order


  1. Mission To The Continuum
  2. War Has Begun
  3. The Terran Empire
  4. Salves Of A Nameless God
  5. En Sabah Nur
  6. S.J.N.
  7. Condition Red
  8. Built Of Blood, Not Of Stone
  9. The Moby Dock Trilogy – Overture, Blood Of The Sea, Once More Unto The Breach
Dark Order - The Violence Continuum

It’s hardly epoch making Metal music here as DARK ORDER churn out a fairly passable SLAYER and TESTAMENT Thrash Metal with maybe a bit of ‘’Ride The Lightning’’ era METALLICA thrown in for good measure. There’s nothing here to beat the door down to. Although there is plenty of huff and puff complete with tectonic riffing, pounding double bass drumming and requisite awful vocals. Acolytes of old school Thrash will most probably stick to ‘’Reign In Blood’’ or any VIO-LENCE or EXODUS release. But to be fair ‘’Salves Of A Nameless God’’ does ground and pound in good ol’ SLAYER meets SEPULTURA fashion.

If you really wish that it was the late 80s again and hell awaits you might get something out of this but for the most part this is definitely Metal of a by-gone era with few frills.

(Online February 24, 2007)

Chris Doran

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