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Severe Torture - Feasting On Blood (8,5/10) - Netherlands - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: The Plague
Playing time: 33:53
Band homepage: Severe Torture


  1. Feces For Jesus
  2. Blood
  3. Decomposing Bitch
  4. Baptized In Virginal Liquid
  5. Twist the Cross
  6. Butchery Of The Soul
  7. Rest In Flames
  8. Severe Torture
  9. Pray For Nothing
  10. Vomitting Christ
Severe Torture - Feasting On Blood
Where would we be without CANNIBAL CORPSE? Well, we'd be without SEVERE TORTURE for sure, it's obvious from the bandname as well as the artwork on "Feasting On Blood", that we are dealing with a band that has taken inspiration from CANNIBAL CORPSE. But hey, that's no crime, CANNIBAL CORPSE are one of the most influential Death Metal bands! A very cool side note is that SEVERE TORTURE will be supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE for their upcoming tour. The rising of the SEVERE TORTURE star has gone pretty fast actually, they have already played some major US fests. Which is quite an achievement for most Dutch bands!

Anyway, back to the record. "Feasting On Blood" is packed with nice and fast Grind/Brutal Death songs. The grunts are nice and sick, the band is full of skilled musicians so the results is Death Metal with a decent technical base to rest on. And shit, some of the songs sound incredibly catchy in the non-sing along way! Just play "Decomposing Bitch" and you know what I mean, it has this awesome rhythm. Songs like "Pray For Nothing" and "Baptized In Virginal Liquid" are songs that would have done great on any CANNIBAL CORPSE record, so in fact it's fairly easy to say that the overall quality of the record is absolutely not less than CANNIBAL CORPSE or any other band that sounds the same, in fact I think that SEVERE TORTURE is one of the best bands that play this style! Check out tracks like "Feces For Jesus", "Blood", "Decomposing Bitch" and "Vomiting Christ", though any of the tracks are fine to get a good impression of SEVERE TORTURE… well, at least make sure to check out "Decomposing Bitch", it's so damn awesome!!

I think that the upcoming record "Misanthropic Carnage" will be crucial for the band, though the music on "Feasting On Blood" is extremely pleasant it will be interesting to see if they can evolve their style to not continue repeating themselves like so many other bands do after a great debut. (Online August 8, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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