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Various Artists - We Will Rock Your Mind Up (7/10) - V/A - 2006

Genre: Rock / Alternative Rock
Label: Equilibrecords
Playing time: 78:17
Band homepage: -


  1. Hole (Dr Zoydbergh)
  2. Now (Iluzjon)
  3. Escape (Kamienne Ogrody)
  4. My Dream Whatever I Feel (004)
  5. Come On (Nikt)
  6. You Failed (Grassnake)
  7. My Message (Zero Percent)
  8. That Day (Experience)
  9. Techno (Dr Zoydbergh)
  10. Fake (Strange)
  11. Get Away (Barracuda)
  12. Drag (Zero Percent perform Grey Daze)
  13. She Rides The Wind (Kamienne Ogrody)
  14. If (Iluzjon)
  15. Purple Clouds (Nefastus)
  16. Passing Away (Fate Unknown)
  17. Enough (Strange)
  18. Suscitatio (Fate Unknown)
Various Artists - We Will Rock Your Mind Up

What do I know about the Polish music scene? I know they’ve put out a few particularly brutal Black and Death Metal bands over the past few years but as for Rock bands very few and far between. However Equilibrecords aim to set the record straight with this monster eighteen track compilation from bands picked up since the labels inception in April of 2006.


As a fledging record label they’ve worked hard to cram this album with the differing musical tastes fermenting in Poland right now. There’s not really a Metal track on offer. A couple of Nu-Metal efforts, a couple of Metal Core but for the most part this is a fairly well attempted Alternative/Indie record. Particular highlights are the STONE ROSES/ ZEPPELIN inspired ballad-esque ‘’Now’’ by ILUZJON or the pleasant melancholy of ‘’Escape’’ by Kamienne Ogrody both equally matched by the punchy Indie Goth Rock of GRASSNAKE on ‘’You Failed’’. And you know what, it’s still attention grabbing with the likes of EXPERIENCE with more of the same Goth inspired PINK FLOYD dreamy sounds on ‘’That Day’’. Although the likes of BARACUDA, ZERO PERCENT and 004 weigh in with the heavier end of Rock/Metal, it’s the Indie/Alternative bands that grab the limelight.


An album for those that want to experience the scene in a less well known musical country.

(Online March 1, 2007)

Chris Doran

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