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Agiel - Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign (10/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 37:09
Band homepage: Agiel


  1. Deeds Rendered Upon The Flesh
  2. The Awakening
  3. Rotting Stagnant Earth
  4. Adab To The Almighty
  5. Serpent Masquerade
  6. Principle Of Discord
  7. Yaweh Is My Sacrifice
  8. The Eternal Triumvirate
  9. Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign
  10. The Kingdom Complete
  11. Andromeda
Agiel - Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign
Fuck! Not many more words are needed to give an impression of the violence displayed on AGIEL's debut record, "Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign". Of course the expectations rise a tad when you know that the drummer of the band is Tim Yeung, formerly in HATE ETERNAL, but the monster that was created by AGIEL is of inhuman proportions. Imagine NILE, take away the Egyptian samples and replace them by subtle background keyboards. Add some MORBID ANGEL riffs, mix in some screaming vocals along with awesome grunts and pour some technical skills that would make most musicians pass out over it, and shake a bunch of times, that's more or less an impression of the sound of AGIEL. In other words: annihilating Brutal Death Metal with a fresh new angle that makes almost all Death Metal bands piss their pants, wondering how the hell they weren't able to produce such a beast of a record (of course a handful of bands HAS released such records *cough* MORBID ANGEL *cough* NILE *cough* SUFFOCATION *cough*).

Everything about this record is just right, razorsharp production, fantastic dark artwork, an album that's actually longer than 30 minutes (which is not the case for most brutal Death Metal albums, unfortunately) and all of the above plusses about the music. "Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign" hit me like a hammer, and everyone that doesn't listen to it shall forever be deprived of one of the most fantastic records to come from the USA. I guess it's pretty clear that mentioning song-titles is absolutely useless, this CD is fantastic from minute 1 to 37, so just buy the damn CD! (Online August 8, 2002)

Vincent Portegijs

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